You are creator of your own future

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Decisions, choices, and actions are the key to changing your future”

- Unknown

What if I say all of us have a superpower to create your future?

No this is not something hocus pocus or miraculous but something actual.

We all have the power of discrimination and choices that other species do not have.

And the actions that we do currently determines our future, not the current situations.

Our current situation is the outcome of our past outcomes + universal factors.

If you want to change the outcome by mere thinking about it, it will not make any change but doing actions will change the whole course of your life.

And sometimes result comes to our liking and sometimes it is not what we desire because the result comes only after the completion of the action,

not before, after, or even while doing the task. So only actions are in our control not the outcomes but the whole society focuses on the result more than the process.

Due to a lack of understanding, we think of failure as a bad thing but without failing we would not even have learned to walk.

The only way to be good at something is by making a lot of mistakes.

If you are not failing you are not learning, I fail and learn throughout my life and mostly I fell down quite often.

But I always see failure as a friend who is trying to make me stronger by giving me difficult tasks.

The more difficult situation I face, the stronger I will become.

And that’s the most logical and sane way to deal with situations.

We should not call setbacks as failures but we should use them as an inspiration to improve and beat them.