what is the importance of work-life balance 


Do you know the feeling when you have many things going in your mind but don’t have enthusiasm or motivation to start work, that’s a sign that you really need work-life balance.

so in this blog, we are going to see the importance of work-life balance step-wise and also practical methods that I also use to avoid burnout and demotivation.

1 ) Avoiding burnouts

I know you are familiar with the word burnout, feeling of lack of motivation, and low energy, I also have been there as a freelancer and couldn’t figure out what was the reason for this.

But when I calculate my working and resting hours it came out to me as a shock.

so work-life balance is really important for the sake of mental burnout avoidance.

2 ) Mental fatigue

How many times has it happened that your mind keeps thinking about the work even after hours of your shift and you can’t switch it off?

That’s like all the time walking..walking and not rest. What will happen to your foot?

Exactly that happens with our mind it keeps ruminating and causes heath and psychological issues.

3 ) Boosting energy and motivation for work

Motivation is like a fire that comes from inside, outside motivation does not last much longer.

And your energy is directly linked with the motivation you have for work, maintaining work-life balance helps in providing that drive that you require to achieve your goals.

4 ) Mentally well being

Mental health comes into light mostly in covid time when people are forced to work from home and everybody has realized how important is mental health in regards to physical health.

Maintaining a balanced life becomes very crucial in today;s time of stress.

Tested methods to achieve work-life balance  and mental fitness

Okay, you have understood about the importance of work-life balance in life let’s see some practical methods we can apply in real life.

Step 1 – Debunking myths – breaks are waste of time

Taking breaks is waste of time, do you also think that? let’s reconsider this thought.

it’s a common idea but research says something else, taking rest not only helps us in refilling our energy tanks but also helps in increasing focus .

So in totality, it increases our productivity and reduces mental fatigue.

what you need to do

Take a break of at least 15-20 min when you feel fatigued after working continuously for a few hours. But return back to work under a set time that is most crucial.

Also, it matters what you are doing in your breaks are you recharging or tiring yourself in breaks also. We will discuss more in the next steps

Step 2 – Rumination while taking breaks

 If someone says don’t think about elephants what’s the first picture that comes to your mind? elephant right.

That’s how our mind works it does not understand “no” in sentences.

Inshort you will only see what you focus on

Here is one breathing technique that will help in keeping rumination away from your mind. This scene actually demonstrates focus breathing very simple way you can also read post from how to better focus practical guide to learn more about this breathing .

what you need to do

Watch the video, and apply this breathing method for 3-5 min focus on breathing and let thoughts pass like clouds.

It will be difficult to not get lost in thoughts in starting but have patience. Focus is like a muscle you train, you get better.

Step 3 – Thoughts mindfulness technique

This method should be used when you feel like your mind is ruminating and hurting your head with past events and future imagination.

What you need to do

Sit comfortably in a chair or cross-legged with your spine comfortably straight and start watching what thoughts are running in your mind.

Just be aware like thoughts are not your dont judge or evaluate, just be alert and let it pass in about  1-2 minutes you will find your mind is much calmer than before.


Step 3 – Time management , work-life balance

Time management is very important whether you are a working professional, office employee, or homemaker.

Keeping a balance between work hours and me time is very important to avoid burnout and increase productivity.

What you need to do

Make set hours for work and adequate rest between them. Do focus breathing in between the breaks and come back.

One advice from me don’t scroll through social media during rest time because it will exhaust you more than recharging.



“Taking rest is as crucial as work “

Start applying focus breathing and thought mindfulness daily for 5 min and increase the time as you feel more comfortable.

I personally felt burnout when i was working 12hrs+ thinking it will help me achieve more but on the contrary, it reduces my productivity and my motivation to work.


Comment below if you see any results after applying these methods best of luck and peace.