What is money really – deep psychological insight

– sachin rana


 “It’s not about how much money you make but how much money you keep ”

- Robert Kiyosaki

Have you heard the term like “Money is the root of evil ” or ” Rich are crooks

or the teacher saying “your job is to get a job and dont think about money”.

We grew up listening to this crap our whole life and we wonder why the heck am i in debt even though I am earning great money.

So the answer lies in our education – what do we learn about money in school?

Nothing full stops, whenever some brave person tries to ask about money . He /she is treated like an outcast and a bad person.

So we need to understand about what money is actually and how it runs the world and also see how government keep us slave by not giving financial education in schools.

What money is actually (shocking but reality )?

anger sensations explained

To tell you bluntly money is nothing but a piece of paper

which was backed by gold to represent its value but after august 15 1971 even that is removed.

So right now money becomes a mere paper whose value is determined by the government and they can print it at their convenience.

I know it is not so easy to grasp at first but stay with the fact and try to analyze them objectively and let them sink into your head.

Because working your whole life for money and didn’t know about what money is actually and how to use it for your gains is painful.

Money is neither good or bad, chasing money is like chasing a mirrage , it appears so but it is not there actually.

But that does not mean living life in poverty, it means buying assets like property, gold, and physical things that have actual value.

The reason for being in debt even if our income is good enough.

karm and karmfal

The reason lies not in the amount we are earning but in how we utilize it based on our education.

The cycle of the poor or middle class is that they spend every inch of a dollar buying things based on certain emotions.

Or more like companies push their product by using your emotions.

Emotions that you need to know about

1 ) Fear

You are already familiar with this thing but not even for one sec. in our life do we stop and acknowledge it.

We just react in response to this emotion – fear of not having money to pay bills, fear of losing status in society, fear of not having enough, etc.

Fear of money push us to work harder and harder but we found that we are still where we started at the end of the month.

Not saying doing the job or earning money is bad but giving you insight that no school does.

2 ) Desire

Here is the second part of the loop, if fear pushes us to get a job, work hard.

This emotion pushes us to buy things based on feelings that are used by companies to sell their product.

But if you stop and observe your emotions and analyze whether you really need that thing or not.

And most of the time it is just impulsed buying on the emotion of desire.

Again not saying desire is bad or good but trying to lighten it up in front of you,

because many fake spiritual leaders say desire is bad but they desire nirvana so both the process of desire is the same even if the goal is not material.

This is called rat race “The fear pushes you to work harder and desire keep you at spending on things which you don’t even want”

What is remedy

Now that we understood the game of emotions that runs inside us without our acknowledgment.

We did not reject these emotions neither we react to these reactions we merely acknowledge that which is actually not hiding or running from it.

Our remedy lies in becoming the observer of these emotions and acknowledging it.

Before we react to these reactions immediately but after becoming an observer we can think and choose the best possible options.

Dealing with financial fear of future

karm and karmfal

We all know about the traditional way of dealing with this problem which is – getting a job and paying bills.

But this is just a temporary solution to fear, we will be relieved until our next income is not yet spent.

and also fear of losing jobs, and not being able to pay credit card bills are going to ruin our sleep and health.

So I think this is not the way to live life, don’t you also?

Now logically the question arises is there another way to do it?

I say yes there is, I will show you. Let’s go through it together.

Another way to counter financial fear

Keep doing the same job and rather spend money on luxury items like – a new car,  new iPhone, etc.

Spent money on buying assets that will put money in your pocket without working yourself for example – rental income.

Rich people buy luxury last and the middle and poor classes buy luxury first from their hard-earned money.

But the rich buy luxury from the income that is generated by assets that generate passive income.

As we are talking about assets and liability we need to be clear on –

– what it is actually because school education and even accountant fool us with their stupid definitions.


Simply put Asset puts money in your pocket that’s it, easy right?

For example – rental income,  blogs, and youtube

That actually puts money in your pocket without working for it.

Disclaimer – Your house is a liability, not an asset. Dont listen to cunning bankers I will explain to you why I said that.

Since not only your house is not giving you money each month but it also takes some maintenance costs out of your pocket.

So the house is a liability but if you start renting your house then it becomes an asset because now your house is producing income for you.


Vice versa of asset Liability takes money out of your pocket.

Examples –  mortgage loans, debts, credit card bills, etc.

Dealing with desires (not condemning desire)

Our first response toward desire is to condemn it since we have heard from people that desire is the root of evil or something like this.

But we never look at it and try to understand what it is and always try to put it under the carpet.

What is desire 

If you observe with me, you will find that desire is just a sensation in the body + thoughts of possession,

How does it arise

When you look at something beautiful or think about something that produces good sensations in the body .

This is perfectly normal since your senses are working healthily but then immediately thought arises that say let’s buy it,

Then you buy it if you have the money or borrow money for it,

but after you have purchased it, you get bored in just a few days

and this cycle repeats itself.


Next time you caught yourself buying something,

ask yourself do you really need this thing that you are buying don’t buy it immediately,

By doing this you have broken the pattern of impulsive buying and use that money to buy assets.

The secret of becoming rich – the truth

I am not telling you a magic trick to become rich like lottery winners.

There are people who become billionaires by lottery winning but become poor again,

since they have no education to multiply money but spent it as it comes.

A fool with money is a big party

I am telling you what system rich people follows,

and the government does not allow this education to be taught to keep people paying taxes.

The actual system of rich people

1 ) They Use earned income to buy assets not luxury

Rich people use earned income to buy assets that will produce passive income.

And buy luxury things as a treat for creating income-generating assets like real estate (property) etc.

2) They keep expenses low in starting and grow asset column first

There is a misconception that rich people buy costly things first but it is not true.

Rich people only spent on needs and put maximum money into growing their assets so they can enjoy the fruits of passive income later.

3) Rich people focus on increasing assets not on earned income

Let me tell you the downside of earned income.

1) Taxed highly

2) Fear of losing income source i.e. job

3) living paycheque to paycheque

And passive income is not taxed that much, you will be surprised to know that rich people pay the lowest taxes,

It is the middle class that pays the highest since they are not taught in school about money.

So your focus should not be on getting promotions, retirement plans etc but on building revenue-generating assets.


Special thanks to Sir, Robert Kiyosaki that shared his great knowledge of financial literacy and spiritualism with his books.

I really recommend reading rich dad poor dad and cashflow quadrant.

That not only give insight into rich mindset but also conquer spiritual issues of reactions and observer.

Some personal insight-

@Converting from the reactor to observer has helped me to take decisions based on thinking not emotions.

@ No Knowledge is helpful until it is applied

@ Earning money is relatively easy than keeping it for generations

Thank You for Reading