What is a mindset and Is mindset everything 

– sachin rana


 “Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.”.

Roy T. Bennett

Two people react differently to a particular situation.

Have you ever thought about why is that somebody in the same situation exceeds and grows?

While other person gets depressed and leaves the task even if the situations are identical and they have the same potential.

The answer is mindset and attitude toward the situation. 

What is Mindset in simple terms?

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Mindset is a set pattern of thoughts and beliefs through which a person see life .

A person with a powerful mental mindset always grows from the odd situation.

 Become happy and wise as he faces challenges in life.

But a wrong mindset can lead to a dark path which is a journey to doom.

How mindset is built?

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Our mindset is mostly influenced by how people around us see life.

Family friends and society play a major part in building your mindset.

It is not built in one day , when you listen to the negative points of view of your nearby people it gets imprinted on your subconscious mind.

My purpose of explaining this is to increase understanding not that you start hating people.

Your mindset determines how you feel and perceive the world.

For example – you have seen people who find fault in everything they see even if the thing is quite good and there are also people who find good things in bad situations.

But there is good news for you, your mindset can be changed.

But before that, we need to understand what is an attitude .

And how it is different from mindset.

What is Attitude and how it is different from mindset?

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Attitude is action that you do in response to situation which is based on your mindset.

Mindset is directly interlinked with your attitude.

A powerful and constructive mindset will lead you to a better attitude and hence you are in the right direction.

But a negative mindset will make you perform the wrong actions.

Or emotional actions which you regret later in form of missed opportunities and failures in life.

Difference between Attitude and Mindset 

  • Mindset is set beliefs and thoughts whereas Attitude is the action you perform based on mindset.
  • Attitude is dependent on mindset but the mindset is independent.
  • Mindset is in form of thoughts therefore not visible but attitude is action therefore it is visible.

Practical ways to reset mindset?

The good thing about the brain is that it is neuroplastic in nature.

It means an old mindset can be dissolved and a new mindset can be set.

Below are powerful methods that I also have used to change my mindset. 

1 ) Reading books of powerful people

Reading books breaks wrong patterns and myths and built new positive imprints on the mind.

If you don’t have any positive people around, then books are the best way you can build a positive mindset.

Books are all about impactful ideas and thoughts.

My personal fav books – freedom from know ( J. Krishnamurti), Ignited mind (A.P.J. Abdul kalam ), Rich dad poor dad & cashflow quadrant (Robert Kiyosaki ), and Bhagwat Geeta.

Note – avoid reading novels and love stories that are good for entertainment but not mindset.

2 ) Autobiographies of Influential peoples

Autobiographies provide an excellent opportunity to understand the mindset of great personalities.

Those personalities impacted the world through their thoughts and knowledge.

People like Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Bheem Rao Ambedkar, and Stephen hawkings greatly inspire the whole world.

Their biographies are a gold mine for understanding how their mind works and what is their point of view on life.

Understanding their mindset and applying it in our life will enhance not just ours but also the life of people around us.

3 ) Stop listening to advice that limits you

There are many astrologers and people around you.

That may have said to you that you can’t achieve what you desire.

If you keep listening to that kind of people and trust them, then it is game end for you.

You will end up becoming what you believe to be.

You don’t have to fight with them because they are close to you, but don’t take their words seriously and believe in yourself.

Next time they say something like it’s too hard you can’t do it or you are too ambitious be alert and never let it sink inside your mind.

4 ) Spend time with people that are passion driven and motivate you

If you surround yourself with bumps you will end up like one.

Leave those friends and people that become hindrances to your ambition.

Spend time with passion-driven people that have ambitions and a burning desire to do something in life.

I spent my time with pot heads in college because I have no right direction.

But as soon as I realize they are not up to any good in life I start spending less time with them and find friends that are goal driven and like-minded.

What you spent your time with structures your mindset and how you perceive the world.


1 ) Mindset is not built in one day therefore it will take time so be patient .

2 )Start reading books and autographies of insipirational peoples not actors and fake social media influencers.

3) Choose your ideal correctly , because you will end up becoming like one.

4)Mindset can be changed and recreated so you dont have to worry in what state you are now.

Thank You for Reading