what is the true meaning of life?


meaning of life

 Are you feeling purposelessness ? and also have a question filled with a feeling of detachment from things that you were once fond of.

You find everything in the universe as perfect as it can be but you ask what is the whole point?

If you are feeling these things then rest assured every human being on earth has passed through this stage and you are perfectly normal.

Humans have a very complex mind and inbuilt drive of curiosity, wanting to know about themselves and the meaning of life is a natural thing to do.

So let’s take a journey with me like two good friends talking together and find out more about the meaning of life.

okay but before we ask about meaning of life shouldn’t we want to ask question who is asking this question in us ?

Who Is Asking The Question Within Us?

meaning of life

I understand that it is a very philosophical question but stay with me and think about it.

Most answers would be “I” am inside my body that is asking the question.

But if you observe carefully you will find that you are something that is watching the question ” what is the meaning of life “. So you are different from the thought.

For example, if you can watch a tree then it is clear that you are not a tree, similarly, you can watch thoughts in your mind which means you are separate from the mind.

Zen people call this awareness of the mind.

okay so now we understood that our mind is generating this questions within us let’s try to see why we ask this question or more like why our brain produces this thought.

Why Our Brain Is Producing this question ?

Did you ever notice that when you are enjoying a vacation with your friends or doing an activity that you like, you are joyous at that moment and this question about the meaning of life never jumps out to you?

It is only when you spend alone time or walking by yourself this question starts bugging you like a ghost.

If you haven’t , try noticing it when you are alone . It means life is meant for living not thinking about the purpose of life .

Link Between Meaning And purpose Of Life

Your meaning of life is directly linked with the purpose of life.

If you can find your purpose, you will find the meaning of life, Your purpose defines the meaning.

These are like two faces of coins if you can find one side you have already found the other too.

Does Life Has A Fixed Meaning Or Definition

Can you clearly know how many lefts or right a motorcycle would take before reaching a destination?

Then how can your life have a set definition of the purpose of life? Every second life is changing and so the purpose of life is.

When you were a kid do you care about what is my purpose in life? You run, you fall, you dance, you mumble but you did not care about this question.

This comes down to the question of how we are going to decide our purpose in life.

How Are We Going To Decide What Is Our Purpose?

When you were born probably in a hospital did you come with an instruction book?

No right so this means you can make your own purpose and meaning of life.

If someone says I will teach you what should be your purpose of life. he is a liar because nobody can decide what should be the meaning of other people’s life because it is not fixed.

Your Power To Decide Meaning Of Life

What if I say you have the superpower to give meaning to life and your purpose?

Crazy right but it is true, that your decision influences your perception of life, also research has now proved that your neurons are constantly creating connections and breaking old patterns if you manage your decisions with awareness.

Personally, I have a long list of meanings of life that keeps changing as I grow older, right now my purpose is to bring some positive change in people’s lives with words.

You will find your own just trust yourself, it will come from inside and it does not have to be fixed.

Debunking Our Logical Mind

Our logical mind works on the causality principle means there should be a reason behind everything in the universe even your existence.

Let’s without rejecting and accepting this concept, we are going to investigate the truth, should every activity in the universe has to have a reason ?

Our logical mind can not accept that life and the universe exist without any reason, it needs to have logic to make sense.

Logic is like a knife it has its own use but we need to understand where logic has its limits

We don’t use a knife for cutting wood right ?. In the same way, we are using logic to capture something living and constantly changing.

We can understand life only by living not by thinking about it because logic has a limitation that we need to accept.


“Understanding meaning of life is a journey which changes for every person ,only you can decide what should be your meaning , there is no correct or incorrect answers “

It is okay to be lost sometimes, only those people can find themselves who are lost ones.

Trusting the universe, and trusting yourself is the key , if a small cell can become a big man then everything is possible if you just be patient and trust.