The problems of evolution and remedy with psychoanalysis

– sachin rana


 “If we dont use our discrimination & understanding capacities , then we are not different from other animals “. 

- Unknown

If we carefully observe our surroundings, we will see a vast difference

and similarities between us humans and other species on this planet.

Although everyone is born under the same sky but the difference is vast.

On a physiological level or on the basic level of procreation, hunger, impulses & sleep we are on the same level.

But when we look over the psychology & awareness of humans vs other species there is an immense difference in their function.

We have a power that other animals don’t have, which is the power of discrimination and choice.

We have the power of understanding and a mind capable of love and compassion without attachment.

India before the British company attacked and destroyed its knowledge and culture was a civilization of the sanest peoples.

They gave a real insight into the physical world and what’s beyond the sense of perception which is known as psychology and para-psychology now.

It was the misfortune of the east India company people that they could saw only the material richness of Indian civilization.

If they could just take the knowledge and insight with them,

their life would be different and they don’t have to be dependent on pills, alcohol, cigarettes, and sex for keeping them from going completely mad.

What goes wrong during evolution and the beginning of destruction?

anger sensations explained

“Our mind can be used as a tool of creation or destruction”

Everything was just fine every species was doing as it was planned by the nature.

Along the line of evolution there comes an anomaly – suddenly a brain with immense capacity to think , 

superior memory, and mental stimulation as well as logic is formed. All that comes with a problem- the self-image or “Ego”.

“The feeling of me being separate from all the others and having the authority to use and destroy it.

but it is just a mere illusion of the mind and all the distortion of conflicts, anger, and hatred that comes with it.

But Some talented people from Indian civilization understand the problems in the human psyche 

and developed methods of converting a partial human to a full human being. 

And we all are partial human beings if we carefully observe ourselves and the world around us.

We hang between the animal body which has its own compulsions and our human mind which has discrimination, love, and compassion.

We say one thing and do another, and in name of peace, we kill so we are not sane people, the earlier you understand this earlier will be your chance of becoming a full human being.

So Indian civilization has found the solution to human psychology since it was one of the oldest and lived a very aesthetic life.

But somewhere along the line East India company entered into India for business, because it was not only the most advanced in knowledge but also wealth.

They knew they could not rule India without damaging their knowledge, schools, and culture.

That was the biggest misfortune for the whole world .

After losing the actual teachers of those techniques which is called meditation which is only a business now.

Which creates more chaos in this world.

I would suggest please don’t follow anyone including me and your own wrong beliefs , because if you follow you can not be ever free from suffering.

Similarities and difference between humans and other species


1) Physiological similarities –

Our biological built up and mechanism are all the same.

We all have an intuition of sex, hunger, thirst, sleep, anger & fear

We have sense organs same as animals.

Our reproductive and digestive systems more or less are same.

The theory of evolution says we come from apes. But is a theory based on observation and research,

And we know that there is no way to 100 percent verify it and the story would be different altogether.

2) Our unsatiable and unquenchable desires are the same –

Animals keep on running toward their goal of pleasure and stays away from pain.

We also follow the same mechanism of reward & punishment.

Our whole society works on this philosophy.

This is the reason why students are beaten on their mistakes to subdue them into their own will.

Which is the most stupid thing ever because without mistakes there is no room for growth.

Can you remember a baby who does not fall once before learning to actually walk?

3) Nature’s principle works on us same –

Nature’s law such as getting attracted to the opposite gender and force of attraction works on all species.

We all are basically controlled by our desires imprinted by nature .

Which includes the need for sex, food, sleep, fear & excretion of waste.


1) Power of discrimination and application –

Humans have the power to discrimination based on their immense capacity for understanding.

Knowledge, comprehension, logic, and imagination are the qualities of human brains that made them so separate from all other species on this planet.

But our misfortune is that these powers come with great disadvantages which I will talk about in the next point.

2) Creation of false self –

Although the brain has an immense capacity for mental simulations which is called imagination

and memory, but this capacity comes without an instruction book that’s why it created false illusions and beliefs.

And the belief that we are something separate from the world around us created havoc in this world.

I belong to the Hindu religion so I have to oppose other religions, fights, and killings in name of peace.

But animals are simple and true to their nature, if its a snake it will bite that’s its nature.

This illusion of self is the cause of all hatred and violence in this world and the destruction of all other species.

Due to its unquenchable desires comes a great capacity to act.

2) Hypocrisy and delusions

Animals are simple beings they do what they feel to do.

They don’t have the thinking capacity so they don’t care about morality at all.

Social morality is no morality at all, most people are not killing other people not because it is stupid & immoral

but due to punishments carried out by law and order.

Humans are the most advanced form of hypocrisy, thinking about killing someone and showing love is no love.

It’s a false morality that’s why bad peoples are saner than hypocritical good people,

there is more probability of bad people becoming good because they acknowledged that they are doing wrong deeds,

but people who are acting good and raising hatred in their hearts will soon become criminals if they have given a chance to.

2) Honesty in animals vs humans

Human minds are full of illusions and false beliefs .

Our own minds keep us from seeing the truth of our nature.

If I compare a human with other species the difference is vast in terms of honesty.

The reason is we are not honest with ourselves that’s why we cant be  honest with others too.

Only a person that is honest with himself can be honest with others too.

Remedy for the drawbacks of human minds or psyche

anger sensations explained

I have listed down methods of our ancient techniques which I also have applied and enhanced

to get mind mastery and a new way of life free from fear and with love and compassion.

1) Enhancing your understanding by observation  –

As I said the power of discrimination is our strength we need to improve in order to gain mastery over our minds.

And our mind is nothing more than a space where thoughts, and emotions arise.

 Our understanding can be enhanced only when our mind is free from the observer which is our own beliefs, memories & experiences.

i have already written about the observer which we call me and the thing which we call the object of observation.

Read here

I will explain in short, the truth is that we are not different from the object of observation.

for example – we are not different from anger ( the sensations not words) same as greed.

at the time of anger, we are that later we recall that moment and say we were angry.

The illusion of ourselves being different from the object of observation is the cause of all conflict and can be solved by understanding reality.

2) Understanding the duality of life and freedom  –

We live in a duality – sorrow & pleasure, win & lose, darkness & light, fear & courage, etc.

But I am talking about the emotional and feeling content of that word not taking it as a concept to be discussed here.

The only way to understand the reality of dualism is by observation without the observer.

The observer which we call as me is nothing more than a past, and nothing apart from the observation or experience.

I mean the concept of a person watching a clock tower is understandable,

but in psychology or first-person view , there is no watcher just the object being watched.

If you observe like a child fresh you will see what I am saying.

Our mind gets affected by both dualistic perceptions of our senses.

But if you observe they both are sensations, sorrow and pleasure are both sensations.

It’s our mind that made us seek pleasure and run away from sorrow.

And the truth is if you go behind pleasure, sorrow will follow.

Now naturally the question comes what is to be done right?

Let the mind observe sensations without the observer, then you will be free from both.

And then only can come which is love and sense of calmness and true peace which is constant.

Not a roller coaster of extreme sorrow or pleasure because they both are just sensations.

3) Getting rid of mental cravings and aversion  –

Nothing is good or bad in this world but our own mental cravings and aversion are.

Our mind has a tendency of seeking pleasurable things which makes suffering for us in form of longing.

and also aversion which makes us suffer by generating painful emotions in the body.

And the only freedom is understanding you can not do a thing about it, the mind is a reactor and it reacts.

But We have the awareness that other animals don’t, mind subdue us into doing things but generating sensations in our body, we have a choice to either react according to that 

or let it pass like a cloud and absorb all energies.

Being still mind is the freedom that human is capable of.

In that stillness, there is peace and love.

By love, I don’t mean that we know now in a common language, 

it’s a feeling of being part of people and people being part of you and is nothing related to sexual activities.

I am not condemning sexual activities, I have done that and it has its own role but if you want that inner quality of reality  and love learn to observe without observer.



Some personal advice-

@ Neither indulge nor condemn, live with applying knowledge in your life.

@ Awake your dead curiosity and shaft it to understanding who you are and this universe.

@ Become a child again, as an adult nobody is there to stop you from doing foolishness and living life as you want.

@When there is jealousy and fear there is no love.


Note – Please comment below suggestions if you see any mistakes in the writing.

Thank You for Reading