Techniques for stress management no B.S.


Want to know techniques for stress management that you can actually use in real life?

In this blog, you will learn everything about stress and counter techniques that I personally use in my life to manage work-life balance as a freelancer.

” Knowing about the root is the first step in finding solution “

So let’s see what is stress actually and then we are going to learn techniques to counter it. Stay with me we are going to learn something fun.

What Stress is actually (no history class) ?

Imagine you are a hunter lurking around the jungle to find your breakfast and suddenly you see a tiger nearby and now you have become the prey.

Your body is very smart it starts preparing for flight or fight response which is natural instinct.

But in 2022, the tiger has now become your boss, a family member you don’t like, your neighbor, and deadlines that are unavoidable. But you can’t run from them, can you? try running from the boss in a meeting you will know.

Stress is actually tension in body caused by a stressor it can be anything that triggers fight or flight response in body.

let’s see how to manage this in a stressful environment


Steps to manage Stress in life

Okay, now you have understood what is stress and how it occurs.

Lets see techniques we can apply in real life.

Steps 1 – Exercise ( effects on mind)

I know you have heard this advice from every blog and people but everyone sees it as a way to make six-pack abs.

That is very fascinating but its true benefits can be seen in biological factors more than physiological.

When high-quality oxygen gets inside the body during exercise it produces amazing happy chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins that not only helps in fighting stress but also provide well being mental state .

Do watch this video of Wendy Suzuki this is actually good video.

what you need to do

Exercise is not only going gym and getting ripped, anything that you enjoy and also increases your heart and breathing rate is an exercise for you.

Do 1 hr of exercise to actually see results and you will love it from day 1 as a bonus you will also get a good physique which also boosts your confidence.

Personally, I do kushti exercises, cycling, pushups, and sprints, I don’t have a set pattern, I just use my 1 hr to do exercises that keep my body moving.


Steps 2 – Breathing exercises ( Pranayam)

Do you know we have two kinds of autonomic nervous systems in our body?

The autonomic nervous system controls  involuntary physiological processes including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, digestion, and sexual arousal.

Parasympathetic controls flight or flight response and Sympathetic controls rest and digestion.

So we need a balance between both just like in yin and yang.

Some breathing exercises to balance nervous system

Before starting exercises Sit down cross-legged or in a chair with the open environment and fresh air, and keep the spine comfortably straight.

  • Alternate breathing

This exercise is very easy, use your right hand’s thumb to close your right nostril and breath in with your left nostril very slowly, and focus the mind on your breath, not on thoughts that are running in the background.

Follow the same step using your right hand’s ring finger to close your left nostril and breath through your right nostril. Continue the same process for 5-10 min.

  • Kapalbathi

Kapalbathi really means skull shining or polishing

It really does increase your hemoglobin and remove toxins from the body it is a very powerful breathing exercise to create a balance between nervous systems starting with only 5 minutes.

It is very hard to explain in words so I have pinned a video below for you.

  • Bhramari (SOUND OF BEE)

Bhramari is also known as bee sound is the king of exercise that helps to reduce stress from the body and increase concentration power

Starting with only 5 minutes you will see results from the first sitting.

This will be better if I show the process rather than explaining it in words.

Steps 3 – Diet (Your stress level is directly linked to food )

Do you know stress level is linked with the food you eat?

Try eating natural foods and compare them with man-made food or junk food you will notice your body feels different after eating both different types of food.

You dont need to count calories or macros

By diet it does not mean that you have to count every calorie and neglect your favorite food which i also don’t do, just keep the natural food ratio high in comparison to junk foods you will notice reduce in stress level in a short amount of time


Steps 4 – State of mind

Your state of mind and thoughts are great impact on your stress levels and how you manage life stressors

How to keep a powerful state of mind

Your thoughts made your state of mind keep these thoughts close to you when you are under stress.

1 ) Stress is just a natural reaction and you can conquer it with the techniques I have shown you above.

2 ) I am going to run if I can’t run I will walk if I can’t walk I crawl that’s a mental attitude for never giving up.

3) You can read J Krishnamurti’s books for a powerful mental attitude

Step 5 – Smile

Yes, you are reading it right smile is the antidote for this problem called stress.

Do you wonder why children don’t have stress, that’s because they laugh and smile a lot. Smiling changes biological processes in the body.

Seriousness is a disease if you want to live good life don’t be serious we are going to die one day anyway .I hope you got the joke.


” Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. “

I really like quotes they explain everything in very short sentences.

So you have to apply the tools given in this blog to see changes as i have, few years ago i was also suffering from anxiety and depression I guarantee if you take action consistently you will thank yourself for this.


Do contact me if you have any questions.