sura so pehchaniye true meaning

– sachin rana


 “ Stronger are those who fight for justice”

- Unknown

This is part of Gurbani which is a very powerful verse that can bring strength to even the weakest person.

I will help you to look at the point of view of psychology and how this can impact the mindset of a person.

And this verse really helped me to learn what is the right way to live.

True Meaning of verse

soora so pehchaniye

In the above image, I have translated the meaning word by word,

Although my handwriting is not that good lol,

but I tried my best to explain the meaning of this verse to the best of my understanding.

The teaching

This verse taught us about living life with courage and being ready to stand our ground for the unjustified person.

An unjustified person can be yourself or others, but be careful in analyzing whether injustice really being done or not.

Most of the time in lack of understanding and impatience we conclude something but later found out that it was all a mistake.

So first clearly understanding the situation with an open mind and clarity if very much required in this field. 

Understanding from point of view of psychology

karm and karmfal

 1 ) Understanding the power of mind over body

The line “Purja purja kat mare” demonstrates how powerful our minds can be.

The body can keep moving in pieces if the mind is strong but it can be also other way around.

A strong mindset and will just like Stephen hawking can make you a shining star or can make you fall even if you have every talent.

I was struck my negatives thoughts and doubts about myself,

but once I understood that thoughts are just memories based on information that may or may not be correct.

Then I started introspection of my thoughts based on logic for example whenever my mind tries to stop me from doing something I like such as dance.

I ask myself whether this will kill me. if the answer is no then I go on and the best part is the mind will just stop you until you listen to it.

 Reason 2 ) Living with Righteousness and freedom.

Living is made very complex by religious people and this society.

They don’t have anything to offer except idols and rules which they don’t even follow themselves.

Breaking the rules does not mean going insane but living life with righteousness and intelligence.

Most people do not kill each other not because it is not intelligent or not right to do so but only due to fear of law and punishment.

Even we are the most intelligent being and have the capacity to feel and transmit something sacred which is love.

And by love, I don’t mean mere sex, but you can understand it only when there is freedom from psychological fear and illusions that mind through on you.

So this verse talks about freedom and defending those who really are not capable.

Well actually I feel everyone is capable in some way but it is like giving a hand as a fellow human.

 3)Removing misconceptions about bravery

A misconception is that those people who bully or compress other personalities are considered to be brave in society.

But actually, every animal whether it is an insect or a big animal like a lion they all are protecting itself.

So there is no honor in that, what good we are doing with the innate intelligence that nature has gifted us?

Exploiting every resource, using more than what we ever required , cutting trees, and animal abuse.

Is this what we wish for or are we struck by the commercialism propaganda?   

So this verse changes the whole mindset of bravery, only brave are those who are truthful and helpful to other human beings,

Not because to gain something out of it but doing it because it is the most intelligent way to live.


Some personal insight-

@Understanding and getting knowledge is a different thing, when you start applying this in your life then only it can be helpful

@ Gurbani is the finger-pointing to understand reality as it is, and you can only find it when you apply it in real life.

@ Transformation comes when there is complete freedom from false beliefs and dogmas. 

Thank You for Reading