Still mind and observer

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Still mind comes from an understanding of  impermanent nature of  ever-changing sensations which is happiness and sorrow “

- Unknown

My school and college life was a roller coaster of extreme ups and downs.

I was running from one pleasure to another in seek of happiness and

to get away from the loneliness and sadness that resides inside me.

But I got stumbled into psychology and spirituality which bring me insight into the world of true peace.

There are two types of minds that reside within us, you can easily observe it yourself.

First is the reactor mind and second is the observer mind or passive observation state,

And only by being an observer, you get out of the situation by getting direct insight into the problem.

It’s like being outside of the stream, remaining untouched by the moving water.

When you are in a reactor state of mind logical thinking goes down, but when you are in a passive observation state you have a still mind.

And still mind comes from understanding the problem through direct observation.

Observation is no hocus pocus, the only thing required is that we remove all kinds of pre-knowledge & judgments or dogmas and look directly like a child.