Self discover journey – practical guide and insight


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 Do you ask questions like who am I really ? or what is the point of life? , when you are with yourself . If these questions interest you and have a burning desire to know that is the first step to self-discovery.

Self – discover journey will take you places where you didn’t think of before, it has transforming capabilities.

In this blog, we are going to see what is self- discover journey, where it will take you, and the correct path for self discovery.

Okay, let’s start with understanding what self-discovery implies.

What is Self-discover journey?

meaning of life

Self discovery is a journey to understand yourself and without depending on books and gurus because you will become what they say not what you really are.

In this journey, there is no end goal the journey itself will reveal everything to you. If you just remain aware of what is actually happening inside and outside yourself.

You need to walk a path without assuming what you are, many books have been written about who you are but factually nobody has changed by reading them. Humanity is still where it was before these books were written.

I am not talking about the technological advancement that is obvious but at the level of psychology, we are still the same.

Why books and gurus are hindrances in finding true self ?

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Only things that you seek can be found. First of all, what do you know about yourself? I think most answers would be like your name, education, age, and sex right?

But if you watch it more carefully everything is given to you by others, your name, and education are all given to you. You are not born with it. Is it logical?

So the truth is you don’t know anything about yourself, but if you assume on the basis of others then you got a name and everything else then it is the wrong direction.

So self – discover journey starts when you reject all the false identities that you think you are. That’s why books and gurus become hindrances to actually knowing yourself.

Getting out of the easy trap?


It is very comforting to just accept things that most people are saying. There was a time when people assumes that the sun rotates around the earth and everybody just accepts it . Only one person uses his own judgment that changes the whole thing.

To not fall into trap of comfort and using your own mind and judgment . But you must be careful with your own beliefs also, keeping an open mind is also crucial. We made beliefs based on knowledge and knowledge is not complete its keeps on updating.

Why self discovery is so crucial ?

meaning of life

You already know why it is crucial to understand your true self. Utter meaningless life, loneliness, and frustration of not knowing yourself. I think you get a gist of what is being conveyed.

Understanding brings meaning and purpose to life without it life is just like a body without a soul. You can be the richest person on the planet but you will remain empty from the inside.

There is something in us that perpetually keeps asking this question and gives pain unless you have an answer.

Methods for self-discovery.

Until now we have seen what is self-discover journey, important. So now let’s get to our most important topic which is methods for self-discovery and the correct path.

Method 1 ) Neglecting false self.

The problem is if we don’t know about ourselves then how comes we can find it and say yes this is me right?

This method says to reject everything that you are not and the left is you.

a) Let’s first take our name and the normal identity we usually associate with us. But that’s given to you by society and your parents how can it be you and it can change? Name and identity are just pointers to you not you.

so we are going to reject that logically and sanely.

b) Second body, all through our life body is changing, from a cell to a young adult. So which one exactly do you call yourself because it is changing throughout life? So we reject that.

c) Third level is thought , do you think it’s your thought? most of our thoughts come from memory and memory is based on information that you extract from the environment and you associate yourself with thoughts that are changing every time.

You can say that even one thought is your so this is also neglected.

d) Fourth level is emotion although thoughts and emotions are interlinked. The emotions are always changing throughout the day so you can’t say this particular emotion is me . You associate with it but it does not mean it is you.

Just like you drive a car, you can not say it is me. So we need to neglect this also.

So what’s left is a knowing presence that knows every thought emotion, sensation, eyesight everything but you can not name it exactly because it is not physical thing that you can point it out.

That’s called consciousness or awareness.

Conclusion :

  • Neglecting  false identity will give you true identity.
  • Rejecting false 4 levels of false associations.

Step 2 ) Understanding the game of Observer and Observed.

Our consciousness is governed by subject-object relationships. What I mean is there is always something in us that feels, taste, smell and there is an object of observation.

For example, when we have a thought, we say I am having a thought means there are two things – one is thought and one who observes thought.

Also when we have anger we say I am angry so again there are two things one is anger and the other is who experiences this.

The object keeps changing but our experiencer is not changing. So we need to identify this observer. Understanding that will give us self-observation of who we really are.

If we watch it carefully we will find that the experiencer is actually an image of ourselves that is associated with name and identity. There is no experiencer apart from the image that the mind has created that judges, compels, and pass judgment.

Therefore there is only an object not a subject, which means there is only anger which is a sensation in your body at the time of anger . Not you watching anger.

So you may wonder if there is no one experiencing the experiences then who are we . 

There are always two things in the external world so we assume and take the same concept psychologically and live in illusion our whole life.

But if we observe carefully, in sense of you are not observing but observation is going on without observer. So there is only one object left and this is the correct principle. There is no duality in the psychological world.

Conclusion :

  • The concept of there is an observer is illusory.
  • The mind has image making program that creates images of yourself and associates them with false identities.

Step 3 ) Understanding about your real self.

Self-discover journey is incomplete without understanding your real self. So go through the journey with me patiently.

Right now if I ask you what you look like most probably you will show me an image of yourself, but as I said earlier your whole body is getting changed throughout your life which image you will consider your real look? the cell one or your child image or adult one?

So when the mind can not identify your real self it assumes that it is you since you look at it many times in the mirror.

But if you observe and use the rejection method as I define earlier. If you find that everything is rejected and nothing is left, Don’t get feared of it.

So you will find there is no physical shape of yourself everything that you say this is me is obviously a false identity.

Every name you give to it is false because it is not physical and fixed.

Conclusion :

  • Wrong concept and beliefs about yourself.
  • Images and names are false.


Read all lines carefully and try to observe in daily life your anger, thoughts, and emotions. 

Seeking means you already know and once you find it you will say this is it, but starting with not knowing is the first step in self-knowledge.

But if you start knowing you will find only what you seek.