Psychological ways for being yourself

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ First find yourself then stay with it”

- Unknown

Storytime –

As all other kids, I also have idols and characters that I wanted to be like.

Sometimes I wanted to be like batman, sometimes Goku of dbz.

When I grew up my idols changed to influential people like Robert Kiyosaki, Chanakya, Mahatma Gandhi and B.R. Ambedkar.

But I always felt something was off but could not figure out the problem.

I found out that I have an image of someone who I wanted to be and act accordingly.

Sometimes I play one character and sometimes other but couldn’t point out who I was from all those characters.

So I started to get in touch with myself and start learning by observation of my mind, thoughts, emotions and actions I do.

I get in touch with myself and see the futility of becoming somebody else.

Using advice and knowledge of people is always intelligent but in trying to become what you are not create conflict in our psyche.

Who We Are Actually –

Just as the taste of sugar can not be explained to someone who did not taste it himself,

similarly it is impossible to explain who we are to someone who hasn’t tasted, smelled & experience the “beingness”.

So I start with something that we are wrongly identified as ourselves.

1) What we see in the mirror is not us because our physical body is changing throughout our lifetime,

we were once a zygote and from there we grow up to be adults and old.

So we completely discard that.

2) Second is thoughts and emotions,

In our lack of awareness, we identify ourselves with our thoughts.

If we observe our thoughts with passivity we will notice that thoughts are nothing but voices and images in our heads.

3) Our ever-changing experiences are not us.

We have different moods and emotions based on the situations.

We get too excited and happy in good situations and get too sad when faced with bad situations.

Our graph of life goes from happy to sad in our day.

But if we observe more carefully all our reactions are based not on the external environment

but on the sensations that our body produces in response to situations.

If we live in a phase of observation of both situations and sensations produced by situations.

Then there is true freedom from reactions and true peace and understanding of true beingness.

So What’s Left Of Us –

So if we are not mind, body, thoughts, and emotions then who we are?

To simply explain it is just “beingness ” without any identification.

The moment we say this is me, that’s running from your true nature.

Because we identify with something which is material in nature and has some matter but we are a living dimension, not a matter.

Science has also proved that there are two dimensions to our aspect, one is material which is made up of matter,

and the living aspect which is a different dimension altogether.

So getting in touch with yourself by passive observation 24*7 is the key .

Or we can explain ourselves as the power of knowing or experiencing without being an object.

“First get in contact with your true nature and then stay with it or life will be spent in mere illusion and just mere ashes at the end “.

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