Psychological methods to master art of living with present

– sachin rana


 “Learning to unthink is the only way to get into the present “. 

- Unknown

When we were a child we dont have any thoughts or languages.

We saw everything as it is with no words and past memories getting in our way.

But after we learn about words and symbols we get too entangled,

that we don’t even bother with the real things in our environment.

To put it out more clearly we look at the mountains with so many disturbances in our head in form of the word “mountain”

and automatic comparison with other mountains you have seen in the past.

Which creates a separation between us and that mountain psychologically, and physically it is no doubt that the mountain and your body are different,

but psychologically there is the only experience of watching.

How Constant Chattering In Our Skull Is Cause Of Our Suffering.

anger sensations explained

“We have learned how to think but not how to stop the process”

Thinking is just like we start walking and we keep walking until we are dead.

Thinking keeps on going, basically, it is running toward some pleasurable object or solving some problem that does not even exist.

And we give more importance to memories and get strangled in future imagination,

which are excellent powers of our supercomputer-like mind.

But we haven’t acknowledged it and our education system only works on the logical part of the brain which is stupid.

Indian ancestors were teaching methods to use the mind efficiently and prevent suffering for yourself.

They have schools for that like –

  • Takshashila.
  • Nalanda.
  • Mithila University.

But East India company people destroyed those schools and killed those sages .

That was the most unfortunate thing to ever happen to the people of this world.

Only if East India company people have acknowledged the psychological knowledge of Indian sages not just wealth

then our world will be different from the current hate-driven world full of greed, lust, killing, and all.

The Lost Knowledge Of Our Ancestors On Becoming A Sane Human Being

I always had a great curiosity in great knowledge of our ancestors + I was fed up with the mental torture of my mind.

If we observe our minds for just a few minutes, we will find our minds are not sane at all.

It is constantly running from one thing to another, even while we sleep it keeps running and causing suffering for ourselves in our sleep also.

Just that 98 % of people are living like this does not make this a normal thing,

Just as people in mental asylum thought their mind are sane just because everyone in the asylum is living the same.

Mind is like a superbike we don’t have control over if used correctly

it can be great fun for us but if out of control, it can cause great damage not only to us but our surrounding people.

So I studied from psychology and spirituality to end this mental torture and found great insight after testing methods on myself and have found great results.

I will simplify those methods and add my own according to our generation of 2022 because it was written 2000 years ago.

So what are the methods our ancestors taught to control our thinking process and be in the present moment?

The Beginning Of Ancestor’s Psychological knowledge

First, we need to remove some misconceptions that are spread all over the world,

which must be the true purpose of education but it is a slave or employee-making process right now.

1) There is no controller only experience

A common illusion is spread in our society that there is some controller in us that controls us.

Which we call as “me “, But the word “me” is actually just a common English word to point out our physical aspect which is our body.

But there is no actual substance behind the word “me” and ” i”  in the psychological dimension, it is an illusion of our mind.

And the experiences, thoughts, and emotions are just experiences, there is no experiencer.

Your mind will not let you accept this logically, but when we were a child we see the world without words or memories.

And there is just experience, not any experiencer that’s why no two people inside your psyche and you were happy.

Only when our mind is full of thoughts, past memories, and future imagination then we get suffering and get away from the blessing which is the present moment.

So we need to realize by observing ourselves that we are not separate from experiences

I will give you  example of that –

a) If we look at a tree or mountain or people it is clear that our body and the thing are two different,

but in the psychological aspect of who is watching that thing is the wrong concept, because nobody is watching except the experience of watching.

There is no “you ” separate from the experience of watching that thing psychologically just like nature has designed us to.

b) At the time of anger or greed, there is no “you” separate from the experience of anger.

But after we remember that experience and separate us from that moment and say we were angry .

So next time at a time of anger don’t react to the sensation of anger just observe it without words and let it fill you with anger and then you will not be angry again.

2) The danger of the authority of others and your own experience-

We have been trained since our childhood to seek authority.

Some of those authorities are our parents, our spouse or partner, or our bosses.

We trained to be dependent and stopped to find answers for ourselves.

Because the authorities have their own agenda and propaganda that others just follow blindly.

Gurus are the most dangerous thing we can do ourselves because that stops our mind from working and make us dull person who depends on others for their choices.

We are always dependent on others and also our own experiences, but past experience is limited and to take action from that limited knowledge leads to limited action.

But we are built for spontaneity, have you ever seen a child thinking over past mistakes?

I am not saying to completely discard knowledge, we need it but in the technological aspect of life not in the psychological field.

So we need to walk alone and observe for ourselves not to be dependent on some authority whether the authority is our own past experiences.

3) The illusion of duality – good and bad, sorrow and pleasure, darkness and light.

Is peace and violence different thing or the same?

The normal answer would be it is different, but if we observe more carefully we will notice that

both violence and peace come from the same source, we are seeking peace only because we are not at peace with each other.

If there is true peace why would we seek peace?

And in pursuit of peace more violence has been done in our history.

Hence it points out one fact people, in reality, don’t want peace at all, but they say we are peace-loving people with that duality.

The person who is peaceful doesn’t seek peace at all because he doesn’t know what is violence, only that is true peace.

The duality between what we say and do others is the cause of conflict and suffering on this marvelous planet.

4) Dishonesty with ourself

This may be hard to listen but we are not as honest as we see ourselves.

We run from the fact and try to console ourselves with false beliefs and concepts like a god.

Without even knowing what is god we seek comfort in that picture without knowing the actuality.

We can’t just accept that we really dont know and make efforts to find out ourselves.

Only a person that is honest with himself can be honest with others too.

Let’s dive into methods

anger sensations explained

Living in present is no hocus pocus , it is our natural state to be in.

1) Experience without naming and reactions –

Method – close your eyes and experience all sounds, sensations, and emotions that come without naming or reactions.

You will find your thinking tries to overlap with that experience by giving it a name or producing some reactions.

Experience that too as you are observing sounds.

We are actually learning how to let go of thinking for a certain amount of time.

But our fear comes in between as the thinking slows down and start thinking again.

The mind is always in fear of losing thinking, that’s why it keeps on thinking without any reason.

Experiencing without noises in our head is our natural state so don’t be afraid to let go of thinking.

Once you have learned to let go, you can use thought any time you want and you can let go when it is not required.

That’s a more sane use of mind.

2) Ending of chattering means ending of your false “you”

As I said earlier, due to a lack of understanding and training we associate ourselves with the word “me” or “i”.

But there is a separate identity apart from the experience itself in our psychology.

There is no one inside our body that experiences or that we call me, only the act of observation and experience is there.

The mind always keeps you in fear and keeps you in thinking mode so that you won’t realize reality.

The moment chattering in your head stops, there is an ending of illusion and the beginning of a new way of life which is true freedom.


Some personal advice-

@ Please dont just read and understand, apply it in your life then only it can help you . Only Knowledge does not help but applying knowledge does.

@ Be alert and independent only when you stop being a sheep and put effort and mind yourself only then is there a chance of complete freedom.

@ Observe children and learn from them

@ Fear is not real it just stops you from facing hard things.


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