Practical ways to improve myself mentally?

– sachin rana

meaning of life

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart“.

Roy T. Bennett

In 2022 we have all kinds of equipments to improve physical fitness.

There is a particular place you can go and have experts transforming your physical body. We call that gym.

But in addition to physical fitness, we need a powerful mind that will help us in achieving great success in life.

Your thoughts become actions and that actions decides which direction you are moving.

For example – Lets’s Take the example of Stephen hawking. His whole body was paralyzed but he has more than 20 + international awards.

What is the secret?

His strong mental attitude and curiosity for the universe made him see beyond physical challenges.

Our mind literally knows no boundary, it is our society and we ourselves put limitations on what we can do or can’t do.

In form of beliefs, does not matter whether belief comes from external or within ourselves is a limiting agent in our life.

Power Of thoughts in mental fitness

thoughts representation

Thousands of thoughts and images pass through our minds every day.

But what we act on changes the whole outcome of the situation.

Your thoughts can change your mood instantly.

Think of a positive thought like – I can do it and next think of a negative thought like I can’t do anything right.

Notice the effect of each thought on your mind. But now you are aware of the thoughts and you can choose either one.

Thoughts are running 24*7 even in your sleep unconsciously but you can be aware of the thoughts and see the changes they make on your mind .

In zen it is called awareness of mind .

Very powerful and easy technique, just becoming more aware of your thoughts and choosing positive over a negative ones.

Understanding mindset and importance?

meaning of life

We have already heard about mindset and positive mindset too many times over the internet.

But nobody is taking about what is mindset actually. and how it’s made.

So what is mindset?

Mindset is a rigid thought or idea that is built up over time and hard to change.

Mindset is associated with attitude. General behavior in response to the situation is called attitude.

Positive and powerful ideas change your mental state and attitude toward a situation.

How mindset is made and can it change?

Mindset is developed by the repetition of actions over time .

And that actions were dependent on the ideas and thoughts you have at that time.

So it becomes automatic but there is a good thing . Mindset can change due to the Neuroplasticity of our brain.

Tested methods to change the overall mindset .

Below are some methods that i also have used to change my mental attitude.

1 ) Awareness of thoughts – (crucial step)

There are many schools that are teaching people how to be aware of thoughts.

Sitting for 4 -5 hrs a day watching thoughts is not a very productive way of living if you don’t mind me saying that but gurus are doing more harm than good today.

You can be aware of your thoughts 24*7  because thoughts keep popping up throughout the day.

Even when you are sleeping thoughts are still there at some levels.

You can know what thoughts are going on in your mind right now, right?

So you already know how to be aware, you don’t have to read any book and follow any guru on awareness.

So first and most important step is being aware of your thoughts without judgment.

2 ) Learning a strong mindset from powerful people – books and autobiographies

If you want to understand a person carefully observe his thoughts and what he speaks more often.

So books and autobiographies are the medium through which you can understand the person.

Their challenges and their mindsets when they face difficult challenges and apply them in your own life.

Because honestly most people live with people that are not that successful and our mind has absorption capacity.

So if we want to change our mindset then we have to change who we listen to.

Some books that really affected my life

a)Rich dad poor dad ( it is just not a financial book, it teaches about powerful mental attitude and a way of living ).

b) J. Krishnamurti’s freedom from known.

c) A.P.J Abdul kalam – Ignited minds.

3) Choosing the right idols

You will end up becoming like the person you admire most. So it is crucial to choose the right idol.

Ask yourself this question which people am I admiring? Are they just actors or the real deal?

Actors and celebrities were my role models when I was a kid.

But as soon as I realized that there are powerful businessmen behind them everything changed.

Knowing which person is the real deal is a very important thing to learn.

4) Spending most time with  strong mentality peoples or friends

Your environment is impacting your mentality subconsciously 24*7.

You may not be aware but you adapt your behavior and mental state when you come in contact with a different person.

A strong mentality person will lift you up and a poor mentality person will put you down.

And if there are no people around you that have a positive mental attitude, I suggest living maximum time alone and listening to podcasts and reading books.

But as you go alone there comes loneliness that is painful, so have at least one friend or any person with that you can share your feelings and thoughts.

Bonus tips that changed my life ?

Let’s get straight to point .

1 ) Breathing exercises also known as Pranayam

Pranayam means control of vital energy that flows through the air.

Regulating oxygen levels increases the release of happy hormones like endorphins and dopamine which relieve your daily stress.

If you start doing pranayam for 10 min every day. You will see a significant change in your stress levels and positivity.

2) Physical movement and effect on the mind.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body, everyone most probably have heard this saying at least once in their life.

But do you know that your mindset is very much impacted by how you are feeling about yourself?

And the best way to improve that is physical movement or exercise. Not only it will increase your health but also improve your mood and alertness.

checkout burpees below, one of my favorite exercise.


The mind is just like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger and sharper it will be.

Be consistent throughout the journey it’s a bumpy ride.

Use these methods and really apply them to your life ,just knowledge is not enough we must apply it.

Thank You for Reading