Power of thoughts

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Thoughts have the power to build or destroy your life don’t take it lightly”

- Unknown

I regret only one thing in my life is that I let my thoughts and emotion run my life until I am 23.

Thoughts have so much power and yet it has none if you are aware of it.

We give thoughts their power by not being conscious of what we are thinking.

Thoughts generate emotions in our bodies without our knowledge.

For example – think about a bad situation in the past and experience how your emotions are affected by it.

Simultaneously think about the good situation and feel how it is affecting your mood.

What I mean to say is if you let thoughts and emotions control you then life will be a living hell because the mind in itself is a problem.

Just like a monkey jumping from tree to tree your thoughts will make you jump unless you become conscious and give the monkey a job that you want.