Overcoming lack of confidence at work | No B.S.


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Interested in improving your self-confidence at work and also in life.

But first isn’t it important to find the root cause behind lack of confidence, once we find it then we can work on improving it.

So in this blog, we are going to first understand the root of the problem and then we can move on to conquer it. Are you with me?

What does Self-confidence really mean

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Is always knowing the right thing to do and feeling amazing self-confidence? Let’s inquire into it.

Did you always know how to walk? were you confident? or you just started moving without self-doubts. If the answer is second one then what has changed now, isn’t our doubts take a better toll on us.

So self-confidence is to have a feeling that whatever the outcomes may be you can always conquer them, so we have to work on our doubts and limiting beliefs not how to overcome confidence.

Where does this Confidence comes from ?

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So as we understood that confidence is a feeling in our body but where does it come from.

It is generated from your mind when you remove self-doubts and limiting beliefs from yourself. Belief has no connection to reality that’s why it is called a belief not a fact.

You have made a belief based on other people’s opinions and those people are mostly your friends and families.

And that belief kept you poking whenever you try to start something new.

What is Belief and how to break it?

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Everyone is walking with some kind of belief that is based on opinion either your own or other people of friends and family.

So it is imperative to ask what is belief, how it is made, and how it impacts our life.

1 ) Belief meaning and how it is made

Before the 19th century, everybody believed that the earth is flat. Some people still follow that but that’s a different story, the truth is the earth is round but people assumed on the basis of their opinion that the earth is flat.

So Belief is making an opinion either your own or someone else and sticking with it without questioning is it really true or not?

2 ) Impact on our life

The belief of whether the earth is flat or round does not affect our lives that much.

But some beliefs like ” I am not good enough “,” I am a failure “,” I have no talent “, can have a very major impact on people’s self-esteem and their life at work or normal life.

80-90 % of time belief are just opinions based on unfact , if there is a word exist like unfact.

Breaking the chains of beliefs – actual methods

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Beliefs are with us for many years and it has grown it’s roots very deeply into our mind but we can weaken their roots and remove them slowly but surely.

Step 1 ) Counter false beliefs

Write down how many beliefs you have on a piece of paper. Dont be lazy write down now, You will find most are just opinions and the rest are the things you don’t have control over like your genetics, skin colour, and your moles if you have any.

How this will help me ?

Let me tell you that scientists have proved that beliefs can be easily broken by providing factual replies to the brain.

How come the myth of flat earth broke ? by knowing the truth of round earth right .I came across this amazing post on biochemistry of belief. You can have a read.

Step 2 ) Affirmations – Science of programming your mind

Affirmations are not just repeating words like a parrot, those words should have a logical meaning to it otherwise your brain will reject it.

Whenever you are feeling down or low read these thoughts, you can also put this on a wallpaper of your phone or PC or stick it to your wall.

  • Whether I fail or succeed i am going to give my best.
  • Taking action and failing miserably is better than taking no action at all
  • Walking slowly than others is okay if i keep moving forward
  • I never fail i improve and find other way to do it .

How this will help me?

By doing affirmations you are changing your belief system and the neurons in your brain.

Dont take this thing highly this is very powerful i myself has tested and applied when i stuck in a situation

Step 3 ) Exposure therapy

Yes you heard it right, it is very intriguing to skip this step but it is also the most rewarded .

What you need to do to it expose your fears of failure and conquer them, you can talk to strangers for a few minutes. Your self-esteem will skyrocket from the first day and you will find that your beliefs are not as rigid as they seem.

How this will help me?

You begin to alter your neural activity in your brain, your beliefs will start losing their roots in you.

Your self-esteem and confidence will skyrockets.

So now we have learned to remove our beliefs and i hope you will practice this methods in your life. 

Real Practical Methods That Can Improve Confidence

Okay so we have understood the root cause and methods to deal with it, let’s see now how to improve the symptoms.

Self-confidence comes from within no external motivation and logical quotes work for a long time, so we are going to work on internal factors that will help us in overcoming lack of confidence at work.

Step 1 ) Understanding where you lack confidence in?

The foremost important thing to know is in what things we lack confidence in?

It can be interviews,  public speaking, relationship, office anything.

But to some this up it all comes down to a lack of something feeling in us which may be a belief or lack of knowledge.

For example, there is a test tomorrow and you haven’t studied for it and your brain is constantly telling you to study otherwise you will fail. This is actually a good thing, otherwise, you will go without studying for the test.

How this will help me ?

Understanding your reason for lack of confidence will help you to beat it .

If you don’t know the enemy how can ou ever conquer it.

Sometimes the lack of confidence which we we discuss next.

Step 2 ) Lack of confidence is a good thing

Dont jump to conclusions please read the full paragraph first.

Suppose you have to present an important ppt in your office that you haven’t prepared thoroughly , if you go and present with confidence and you don’t know a thing about it and someone asked a question, a disaster right.

So lack of confidence is a good thing, your mind is saying to improve yourself that you are lacking.

But it is not good for me

Now comes the twisting part, the same mind that is helping you in one situation is causing you problems in another situation. It is saying you lack something that you don’t have the power over.

I myself have suffered from the self-esteem problem of height, face, and always a feeling that I am not good enough.

In this area where i don’t have control, i learn to let it go and start focusing on things that I can improve

How this will help me ?

Focusing your mind on things you can improve will enhance your self-esteem and keep your mind away from things that are out of your hands.

That will bring the piece to your mind.

Step 3 ) Do you need to be confident to take action?

If you need the confidence to take action in all your life then you couldn’t have learned to speak, learn driving etc. By action you get confident and those who are always confident are very dangerous to society.

Take an unskillful confident surgeon for an example do you want that confidence? no right. if you feel like you are lacking something which is in your power then go for it does not matter what you are feeling you will slowly get the hang of it just like when you were leaning driving.

How this will help me ?

You will get out from the rut of never starting the things you have always wanted to do due to lack of confidence .


“Self-confidence comes from within no motivation and quotes can help you, start practising  techniques as you have read in blogs and be patient roots of beliefs and doubt will take time to weaken”

Be patient , keep learning and improving things that you can.