Life is experience plus intensity

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Life is all about experiences with amount of intensity you engage in”

- Unknown

Storytime –

I was the strangest kid because I thought  about the meaning and purpose of life,

when everybody played hide and seek, and tag games.

The question of what the hell I am doing here is always with me.

No matter where I go or what I do this question haunted me.

So I start looking for information outside through books, videos, and ancient scriptures such as the bible, Quran, Geeta, Vedas, etc.

No knowledge could satisfy me no matter who said it, because it was the truth for them but for us, it’s not that reality.

So I started doing what those people did, which is self-introspection.

I get in contact with what I am and the purpose of life with shock.

After that, every external situation becomes separate from my being.

The Insight –

I get to realize the meaning of life without logic.

Logic makes you understand a+b = c but life is a+b = apples.

If you try to understand life with a pre-conceived pattern that is not life.

If i explain in my terms life is experience + how intensely you let the moment be.

Most of the time we are in walking sleep, we are sedated by thoughts and imagination of the future,

to such a level that we can’t see the actual thing which is right here and now.

We run from one pleasure to another seeking to fill the emptiness in our heart,

which is there because we lost contact with ourselves and our surroundings.

No relation with ourselves first and outside second.

Once our mind understands that our desires are insatiable and every heat & cold, sorrow, and pleasure are temporary and death is part of life.

Then our sorrow ends and then it’s the beginning of new life that is full of compassion and love.

What is life’s purpose-

There are many great philosophers whose nights have gone without sleep in trying to find the meaning of life.

Every person has their own point of view, but before me telling anything

isn’t it important to question why do we assume that there is a purpose for us where did we get this concept?

Does dancing has a purpose, does art has a purpose, does kindness has a purpose, does having fun in hobbies has a purpose?

You will find that the things that help you get out of yourself and fills you with joy are done without a purpose.

Do not focus on the word “Life” too much otherwise you will miss the smell touch and feel of “Life”.

And to be honest, there is no purpose in life, those people saying reaching heaven, nirvana, etc is your purpose are bullshiting you people.

I personally do everything out of love and love does not care about whether he gets something out of it but keep your distance from people who try to use you for their benefit unnecessarily.

And there should be no authority over you, even your own beliefs and prejudice or religion.

To live intelligently is freedom not acting out of compulsions .

Running from one desire to another, one pleasure to another is not actual freedom.

Freedom from the past and illusions is actual freedom.

Passive observation is the key –

Passive observation is the key to understanding your true nature, observing emotions, and thoughts 24*7 is the first step.

Then you will come in contact with the understanding of the mind and its stupid activity.

And also you will notice the false duality of sorrow and pleasure, violence and nonviolence came from the same source

and are not different from one another if you seek one you have to get both that is nature’s law.

The contact between your sense and sense object like a beautiful girl creates a sensation in the body that is normal and healthy.

Then comes thought and trying to twist it and pull out pleasure from it unaware of the insatiable nature of desires and sorrow coming behind pleasure.

There is nothing wrong or something in enjoying pleasures that are part of life but know that desires are insatiable and you have to do it again and again, but no satisfaction and emptiness at the end of the day.

“Understanding comes from experience not knowledge, the more you experience whether it is painful or pleasurable you become wiser and calm”.

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