Learn and grow mindset vs fail and quit mindset

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Mindset determines your reaction to challenges “

- Unknown

Let’s take a situation one is a successful entrepreneur and one is a job person.

A setback arises which is happening all the time for all people but let’s take a peek inside the mind of both people.

An entrepreneur sees it as an opportunity, not a setback and that gives him the capacity to bounce back from the situation.

Meanwhile, a job person gets frightened and gets depressed, of course exceptions are always there but I am talking in general.

So what we get out of this scenario is that situations has very less to with the reactions in ourself , how we see it changes the whole game of situations

There are two kinds of mindsets in general

One is to see problems as something painful and avoiding things which i used to do also but it halts the opportunity for growth.

The second is to see every problem as a challenges, the excitement of facing new things is greater than the fear of failure,

and even if failure comes it is seen as an important part of the growing process,

Because change is painful process but without change no transformation occurs

And the greatest thing is you have the capacity to choose which mindset you want to be in.

A learn-and-grow mindset vs fail and quit mindset ?