Karma yoga in Bhagavad Gita : In-depth psychology and implementation

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Karma yoga is a classical path explained by Shri Krishna in the Bhagwat Gita.

There are other paths such as bhakti yoga ( devotion ), Gyana yoga (Knowledge ), etc but our main focus is karma yoga today.

But don’t mistake this knowledge to be old and only for sadhus and saints.

These teachings are the highest form of psychology that gives remedy to anxiety, depression, and low enthusiasm to work .

It helps in training our minds to achieve our goals and stay our minds away from distractions and become better humans.

Actual meaning of the verse and how to implement it for professional achievement?

Karma yoga can be learned from verse 47 chapter 2 of the Bhagwat Gita.

Which is the most important verse but also the most mistranslated and misunderstood of all verses.

This verse demonstrates the Science of work. Which you can apply easily to transform your state of mind and psychology.

The science of work as explained in the verse below –

bhagwat geeta chapter 2 verse 47

The literal translation of the above statements

“Your only control is over the actions, not over the results.

Therefore don’t be a prisoner of the results of action and don’t be attached to inaction”.

Let me explain the Laws that are stated in the above statement in parts with logical explanations –

Law – 1 ) You only have control over the actions, not their result.

Logical explanation – From the beginning of birth to the last breath no animal can live without doing the action is that right?

Sleeping, Eating, and even thinking is a subtle form of actions.

But what action you took is fully in your hands and that is the thing that separates us humans from other species.

We have the power of choice but the results are in the future and it is controlled by uncontrollable factors as well.

For example – A student studies throughout the year but when he is about to write the exam he falls seriously ill and got failed.

Does this mean the student didn’t study?.No right, he has done his part but there are uncontrollable factors out there that are out of our hands.

So by understanding this law we can focus on working our best.

And if shortcomings come we don’t blame ourselves but we improve our efforts including our plans and execution.

Eventually, we get success.

Law – 2 ) Don’t be a prisoner of the results of action.

Logical explanation –  Let me tell you how the result of action which is yet to come can make you a prisoner.

Suppose you want to start a business, you made a beautiful chart of plans and ideas needed for the execution of the business.

Which is perfectly necessary but here comes the difficult part of the execution which will convert thought into reality.

But if you are too concerned about what may be in the future or overwhelmed by the result then you can not start the work or you got distracted while working.

So the thoughts of the future will reduce your performance and hence your results Since the result is the outcome of your present actions only.

And not in just professional work if you are controlled by the results such as people will laugh at me or I will fail, you can not even live your life to the fullest.

It does not mean not making goals, it only means putting your mind in the present which is right now while performing the action.

That’s how growth happens. If you only do it for the sake of money and hate the work you are really killing yourself.

Do excellent in whatever you choose to do and improve your performance each day.

By working in this state of mind you will be much happier and you start growing per day as you are improving at every task you perform.

Have a big goal keep working toward it and improve your skills there is a difference between working for a goal and working for the result.

Your jump and effort are dependent on how high you aim and reaching the goal is not the aim.

The aim is to continuously keep improving and reach mental peace and serenity.

And dont think about how can i reach success if I dont think about the result.

But thinking about the result while doing work degrades the performance of work and hence degrades the result.

But if you are focused on the task fully then your work will be excellent and hence produce an excellent result.

Law – 3 ) Don’t be attached to inaction.

Logical explanation – In 2022 we call inaction as procrastination.

It is the no 1 enemy of entrepreneurs. Which can be done today, but takes months to complete.

Due to a lack of motivation since every time results are not guaranteed so we start avoiding work at all.

Which become an obstacle to our success.

And without doing action even our daily activities like eating, shitting, and body care can not happen.

So it is very necessary to take action because life is all about actions

How it is important in psychological terms?

thoughts representation

This is actually creating a powerful mindset that helps you achieve your desired results.

Below is the video on how mindset impact our life do watch it.

How it impacts psychology –

1 ) Getting your mind from the future and past to the present.

The first law teaches to focus on work which is present and controllable factors.

Rather than wasting your vital energy on things that are uncontrollable in nature.

2 ) Treat psychological issues like depression and anxiety due to work and stress.

Stress and anxiety happen when you feel situations become out of hand.

And there is darkness everywhere but these verses teach that work is in your hand always.

You get stressed because you are more focused on the future result which is yet to come and not it work at hand.

Then you slowly take care of the process and eventually results will start showing up.

For example- when you go to exercise in a gym, there are no results for months.

But if you keep on doing the right things consistently, in about 4-5 months you will see significant changes.

But if you enjoy the process you will be able to keep your body consistently in good shape otherwise you will become lazy when you get the result.

“Being successful is much easier than being successful consistently” 

3) Keeps you calm and intelligent under high pressure

Pro athletes and players are taught how to focus on the process more than the results.

Because result creates undue pressure on the players which causes silly mistakes and hence loss of game.

That also is taught in these two verses,

When the mind understands clearly that result is out of my hand and depends on uncontrollable external factors too.

Then it does not get pressurized by the outcome.

Then mind focuses on delivering the best in order to get the best results not the other way round.

4) Stopping yourself from living life in procrastination

Procrastination is such a habit that can destroy your whole life.

No matter how talented you are, if you don’t put effort,

Opportunities will pass through you like air while you are waiting for the right moment or motivation.

And it is the other way around too no matter how untalented you are.

if you put effort into the improvement and consistently work you can surpass talented people too.



Some personal advice –

@ As soon as you realize that results are not in your control like gravity.

You will be more focused on enhancing the quality of efforts in actions.

@ I always blamed myself when i didn’t achieve what I want.

But after understanding this fact i acknowledge my shortcomings and improve them.

@ Make failures a normal thing because the one who is trying will fail but those who don’t try can not fail.

And there is no worthwhile thing invented before failing multiple times.

Dont get discouraged by failures take it as a challenge and improve plans and executions until you reach it.

@Celebrate failures more than achievements because you have tried something new and you are growing.

Thank You for Reading