Is karma a real thing indepth psychology?

– sachin rana


 “ Karma is a play of action and reaction in the universe”

- Unknown

You have most probably heard the term “Karma” many times in your life.

We think of it as something religious or mystical but actually, it is not that difficult.

It is made difficult by the wrong interpretation and changed into something which it is not.

This blog deals with the truth of karma, misconceptions about karma, the relationship between karma and its results, and how it impacts our psychology and life.

So What Is Karma Actually?


Karma comes from sankrit word कर्म which means actions that we perform in daily life including subtle actions like eating , sleeping and even thinking. “

Karma is not something hocus pocus which we think it is but is a scientific fact of the universe.

Our action starts with a thought that’s why it is included in a subtle form of action and then it gets performed in the real world.

After the completion of the action, there is a time gap as you see in the diagram shown in the first image.

This time gap may be big as starting up a business or as short as punching someone.

Thereafter comes the result or reaction of the action, that you performed before the time gap.

Universal Laws Of Karma

1  ) Only actions are fully under your control if you are conscious enough to see your thoughts.

Dont take thoughts lightly because your thoughts will become action and by action comes the result.

2 ) The result of the action is dependent on universal factors such as people, situations etc, which are absolutely out of your control.

how many times did it happen that you put in a great effort but could not achieve the desired results and gets hopeless?

Multiple times right? but when you understand this law that result is just the outcome of your action and dependent on so many factors which you can’t control.

So what now should we give up? , if Thomas Elva Edison gave up after failing 10k times, is there any light bulb today?

No right so we can only accept the outcomes and improve our plans and actions to get the desired result without getting hopeless.

3)Every living creature is bound to perform some form of action by nature. 

In nature, no living creature can live without taking action for even a second.

It’s because every creature has to do something.

whether he is sleeping, eating, or even thinking, these are all categories of action themselves.

And while living beings are taking action, their results are being prepared simultaneously.

4) Every living being is bound to accept the results which come after the action.

For example – a murderer killed a man and refuse to accept the judgment passed by the court, is it possible?

No right, so in the same way if a person do some good to a person more often than not he will get something good in return even if he didn’t want to.

This does not mean we only have to do good work just to get something in return,

but I am just stating a point that we are bound and can not choose what result we will get.

The universe will return everything based on your action + universal factors.

What is the relationship between Karma and karmafala (Results of action)?

karm and karmfal

 What is karmfala

Karmfala comes from the Sanskrit word “कर्मफल”  which means results of action.

Kamfala can not come before the Karm or while performing the karma which is action.

After the completion of work or karma, there is a variable time gap, and only after that result of action occurs which is karmfala.

Relationship b/w Karm and karmafala

Let’s take an example of a jumpy ball to understand their relationship.

Suppose you have a jumpy ball in your hand and throw it with a speed toward the uneven wall.

So you just performed karma “throwing the ball” and now the ball will strike the wall and gets back to you in a random direction,

Which is controlled by the angle of contact, speed, and where the ball strikes the wall which is ” karmafala” i.e. result of the action.

One thing is clear that they both are inseparable. Just like two sides of the coin.

How this is helpful

Once you actually understand after seeing this phenomenon in the real world.

You will be free from the hopelessness and loss of focus caused due to overthinking or worrying over the results that are yet to come.

And even if the results are not according to your desire, you are still ready to improve your plan and course of action in order to achieve the results,

since you have understood that result is not only dependent on your actions but also the uncontrollable factors and don’t beat yourself up but improve the actions.

Impact of karma on your psychology and life.

thoughts representation

You can easily observe the effect of karma on your mood and how you feel about yourself.

Try thinking bad about some person just observe how your mood changes.

And after that try thinking good things about some person and see how your mood changes.

So just by thinking which is a subtle form of action, your whole mood changes.

Just imagine how would your mood would be impacted if you perform actions that help some person or harm some person.

The karmfala is not outside it started within you psychology first. Karma that is in good deed for others creates a healthy mind and healthy personality.

And on the other case, a bad deed creates guilt pain, and suffering psychologically.

And what I mean by good and bad deeds is very simple – any action that is performed to improve people’s life is a good deed and which is done to degrade other people is a bad deed.

So now you have a choice to create suffering for yourself or a joyful life without suffering and psychological disorders of jealousy, greed, etc.


Some personal advice –

@ Do not accept anything written in this blog lazily. Try out, think with logic, and only then accept.

@ Understanding how the universe work is important to work best with a healthy mind.

@ Carefully test out the Law of karma as stated and apply it in your life

@Karma definitely is nature’s law just like gravity you can experience this too yourself if you observe carefully with logic.

@Human is the creator of his own destiny because decisions lead to action and by actions, only the future can be changed.

And this is just not a quote this is nature’s law which is scientific.

Thank You for Reading