Insecurity meaning and how to practically end it


Are you looking for  Insecurity meaning and ways to tackle it ?

If that is right we can start with the regular to-do list you have probably read in all other posts and until now you have realized that motivation and to-do list does not work.

As it didn’t work for me either if you can be patient and work with me, I can share every practical method that I have applied to change my life .

first step of winning the battle is understanding the enemy so we start with understanding what we are facing actually.

What Insecurity is actually (no bookish defination) ?

You are happily sitting with your girlfriend in a park and suddenly some good-looking men walks out and you find your gf looking at him and suddenly you are full of negative thoughts of self-doubts and negative emotions that is what we call insecurity.

Let’s take my example I was insecure about my height throughout my life, i am 5’4″ by the way not my strongest point, and I felt depressed when I was around my tall friends my confidence was gone but I decided that I am not going to waste life like this.

Next are the steps that you are also going to take with me to beat this thing called insecurity.


Steps to conquer insecurity

Before starting our journey to winning over insecurity I should make clear that just reading won’t help much you need to take action on the tools as I explain carefully

and I know everybody can do that with the right mindset.

Steps 1 – Cross question method

Don’t get feared of the word it’s actually simple!

Do you know you have a superpower? don’t get shocked it is called the power of awareness you can know what thoughts are going in your head and what emotions are running through your body right now.

In zen, we call this being mindful or being aware of the emotions and thoughts. So how are we going to use this power in fighting insecurity right?

Thoughts produce emotion in our body for example if you think about a happy situation good emotion comes and if you think about a bad situation or bad thoughts, you will know if you try.

Insecurity comes with a thought like why am i so short, my girlfriend will leave me, what will i do if i cant achieve more than my friend these are thoughts.

Now you are going to ask questions against your own negative thoughts, for example, you can ask “Is this thought really true” most of the time thoughts are just based on opinions, and by asking questions we are going to break patterns of mind and reduce the power of insecurity.

Here scientific research video on how brain patterns can change by being aware and asking questions.

How i used it to conquer my insecurity of height.

I start  using this technique when i was overwhelmed with thoughts of self-doubts and feeling that I am lesser than others so I start asking “is this thought really true “

By being aware it helps to change regular thought patterns and decrease the power of insecurity feeling.

Steps 2 – Meditation ( misundestood term)

You have probably heard this term many times before but it is also the most misunderstood term today, meditation is not repeating words, mantras, or standing on one leg for your whole life.

Then what it is ? Meditation comes from Sanskrit word “Dhyana” you can google it also, it basically means a state of mind in which power of awareness is present in here and now .

Then what should i do you may ask right? Let’s first understand who creates insecurity in you, if you observe carefully your own thoughts are the root problems that cause insecurity in you.

By being aware you can change patterns of thoughts this is what we can call the beginning of meditation. (But be careful if you start judging or comparing your thoughts then you are not observing )

How i used it practically in my life

In beginning I started using my power of awareness on small tasks like washing dishes, reading, listening to another person.

In starting thoughts run through my mind very rapidly but after practicing for a few days i find very good results now thoughts are like popups and suggestions which I can choose whom to follow.

And this is the real beginning of meditation.

Steps 3 – Exercise (connection of body with harmones)

Have you heard this quote “Healthy mind lives inside a healthy body “? that is 100% correct your state of mind is connected to the state of your body.

You don’t need to go to the gym or become an athlete just enough exercise to keep the body moving and pumping will produce enough positive hormones in your body that can easily boost your morale and state of well-being.

How i used it in my life against insecurity.

I was overweight in my teens which is the reason for my other insecurity by changing my sedentary lifestyle has a powerful impact on how I feel and managing my thoughts and emotions through the power of awareness.


Steps 4 – State of mind

Are you aware that your mind is filled with thoughts of comparison due to which insecurity arises in you?

Since childhood, we are being compared by our parents, family members, and society which has a very bad impact on our mindset.

what is solution of this ever comparing mindset which is automatic

The method which I used is called exposure therapy means you need to go out and observe other humans and nature you will find everything is just as needed to be.

Your insecurity is created by your thoughts you can find this by observation and power of awareness as we discussed earlier.

What do we need to do to really see results?


So you have read all tools and wonder why this does not work right?

Let me ask you a question if someone wants to build his physique does only reading books and watching videos will help in achieving his goals?

I personally wish that were true but that’s a dream so how can mental fitness achieve without taking action? to make your mind fit you need to put it to work just like body.