How to face let downs while chasing your dream

– sachin rana

meaning of life

” Hurdles and the hard situations will become stepping stones , if you are conscious enough to face it “.

- Unknown

Let downs are common when we are doing something which we are not used to.

Even walking and talking was an unachievable task when we were kids. But now we are doing it unconsciously.

Our problems start when the letdown becomes so big that it creates friction between thinking and action.

We spend more time thinking than taking action because we have met failure on the steps of chasing our dream.

My story

meaning of life

when I was in school, I felt that school education is a waste of time. Since it teaches subjects that we are not going to use anyway.

I have a complete letdown on the education system and that affected my grades badly. I like to do art, study human physiology and psychology and understand the universe.

But I have to study otherwise, I would fail. So this created a sense of utter disappointment and letdown.

From school life to college life I was just passing my time doing alcohol, smoking etc.

But after college, I decided to pursue my dream which was not easy for me. I have to face challenges since I was cut off from the world for many years.

I have to work on my communication skills and technical skills since I am an introvert which took me almost 1.5 years . Right now I do what I always want to do.

So no matter what your age is or what is your current situation you are in you can always chase your dream if you have the fire of will inside you.

What is let down actually?

meaning of life

Suppose you started preparing for a competitive exam, no matter how much you have studied you could not pass the examination.

That creates a sense of letdown in you. Actually, your body is releasing chemicals in response to that situation that you call a letdown feeling.

So  let down is just a release of chemical by body in response to a situation

This will not go away until you start accepting the situation and work toward solving it not reacting to it.

Acceptance is the power that lets you understand the situation correctly but acceptance does not mean that you show a white flag.

It means you understand the situation and focus on solving the situation like a puzzle.

Facing let downs while chasing your dream

You need to develop some qualities in order to face your let downs and making something positive out of it.

1 ) Perseverance

Perseverance gives you the extraordinary ability to rise up from the failures and let down and walk toward your dream.

The things that matter takes time. So perseverance is a must-have quality you need to work on diligently.

This gives you a never giving up attitude if you are on the correct path.

2 ) Patience

Patience gives you mental ease when you are unsure of the outcome and it also prevents negative thoughts.

And patience comes from understanding the Action and result principle of nature.

Action And Result Principle

This law applies to everything just like gravity.

It is quite simple to understand. It basically tells that Every action you are doing now has a certain outcome in the future.

In other words, Your present actions are like seeds that will grow in the future. It’s not that the future comes from outside.

Your every action is creating the next moment and the outcome is the totality of the universe, it’s not something you do.

So once you understand this law you will be more focused on what you are doing right now and leave the stress, and anxiety of the future to the universe.

3 ) Understanding 

With this quality, you will be more aware of what course of action you are taking.

For example, if you start pushing a wall with perseverance and patience maybe the wall will break if it’s weak, but is this the goal you want to achieve?

So understanding gives you clarity on what actions should be taken while chasing your dream.

Where focus goes energy flows?

One thing you have to realize is that problems come to every person no matter how rich or poor the person is.

Rich and poor may have different problems but the common thing is problems.

But your attitude and mindset decide what you will do next . Either you can become a better person from it or you can let it run over you.

Your next step after you face a hard outcome, losses is what going to make all the difference.

You need the energy to face a situation and the principle of nature is where we focus, energy flows.

Demonstration –

Focus on finding red colour around you in 1 min .

Okay, have you done that?

You will notice that you have seen many red colours which you didn’t before but it is always present there isn’t it?

Now focus on finding green colour in 1 min.

stop..stop what did you find?

GREEN colour right?

Now here comes the curve ball now try to find green colour by looking for red colour.

Impossible right ?

You will find what you look for either the problems or solutions.So be careful what you are looking for.


Let’s downs and failures are normal we are humans after all.

One piece of advice is to talk with your close friend or family and spends some time with them also .

When I first started I was cut off from my friends and family which cause me feeling of loneliness and low feeling.

Focusing on a goal is very important but don’t get too harsh on yourself, we are all human beings and nobody is perfect.

Thank You for Reading