How to get better focus with a practical guide


Do you know you have a superpower that you are using without even knowing it?

Don’t be surprised that power is called Focus, without it, you can’t read a book or enjoy your time with friends. The mind is volatile and focus is the power that controls its direction.

But nobody has taught us how to control this power but rest assured.

In this blog, we are going to learn actual techniques that I have used personally to better focus.

What Focus is actually?

Have you remember the experiment we do when we were kids with magnifying glass and paper. Sunlight which is already present gets focused through a magnifying glass and burns the paper.

That is the power of focus and that sunlight is awareness in our mind. We will understand it separately.

Focus is maintaining attention on a single task . We believe our mind is made for multitasking but that is not true, multitasking reduces productivity and quality of enjoyment.

What is awareness and attention?

Okay, do you remember the sunlight from the experiment we discussed earlier?

That is awareness in sense of our mind. Awareness is the quality of mind that let us know, taste, and feel.  

And maintaining that awareness is called attention. The difference between attention and focus is that focus is a concentrated form of attention.

Practical techniques to better focus.

Okay, we have understood about Focus, attention, and awareness now we are going to learn some techniques to better focus when we are down and out of focus.

Step 1 – Focus breathing (connection of breathing with mind)

When you feel your life is out of focus always return to basics of life , breathing – no breathe , no life.

This is actually a quote from the movie karate kid 2 but this demonstrates the actual focus breathing technique very easily so i included it in the blog.

what you need to do

Watch the video and learn it properly.

One pointer: Focus on breathing and let the thoughts in the background flow just like clouds don’t judge and suppress.

You will lost in thoughts many times that’s normal your focus will improve with time.

Step 2 – Watching the clock technique.

In this short time span of our world today it become very difficult to maintain focus for a long time, this technique will help in improving the focus of the mind rapidly. 

what you need to do

Focus your mind on the second’s hand of the clock and follow it through the course of 60 seconds without losing in thoughts.

You may think that it is a very easy task but I assure you if you focus your mind for 60 seconds then you will become more focused than 90% of the individual of the world.

Step 3 – Tratak ( Gazing in english )

Tratak is a Sanskrit word and its meaning is gazing in English . It helps not only increase focus but also improve concentration.

What you need to do

Take a piece of paper and make a visible circle, stick it on a wall, and gaze at it for a comfortable time without blinking. Thoughts will come and go if you get lost in them don’t worry refocus and enhance the time .

The focus will improve at each session.



“Focus is like a muscle more you train it ,more stronger it will be “

When starting out start with only 2-5 min it will not happen in a day but it will happen one day.

Being patient is the key to learning anything if you keep practicing these techniques your focus will grow at a very fast pace.


Do contact me if you have any questions.