Gratitude is an excellent state of mind

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ True gratitude comes by the total understanding of reality  “

- Unknown

I was about to go for a cricket match but suddenly rain started pouring and I started cursing the rain.

Since I was too fool to notice how much rain is important for this earth and clouds never ask anything in the return.

I feel ashamed of myself for cursing the rain, that sustains life on this planet.

Many of us got frustrated and angry when something happens outside our selfish desire .

But as we increase our view of our mind and look beyond selfish desires we get in touch with the reality.

And by observation comes an understanding of how important things are before it goes.

Although the mind is an excellent machine it comes with some problems too.

If you become aware and see a pattern of mind you will find that the mind always seeks

which we don’t have at the moment and never acknowledge the importance of what we have now.

And by an understanding of how important things like the universe, rain, sunlight, food, etc for us and the sustenance of life,

we come to a state of mind which is called “Gratitude” , you don’t have to seek gratitude or practice it,

just increase your understanding and gratitude comes easily,naturally without effort.

And to be in a state of gratitude you will find there is no more frustration or bad feelings in your psychology and your whole life is changed.

ONE Tip-

Next time if you find yourself complaining about something, just focus on breathing and say thank you universe for keeping me alive.

Your whole psychological structure will change with just this small change in view of life.

Because thoughts have the power to change your state of mood.