Frustration Actual Meaning and realistic methods to beat it.


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The first step in overcoming frustration is to understand it and how it comes about.

Merely escaping from frustration does not help for long we need a long-term solution for the problems we face in life.

So we are going to first understand what frustration means and after that, we will see actual methods that I also apply in my life to beat frustration. 

What frustration actually is?

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When desire gets unfulfilled or a situation occurs that feels like you are not in control of, causes extreme irritation, anger, and annoyance is what we call frustration.

For example – you desire to get into IIT but you can’t due to some xyz reason, that unfulfilled desire cause irritation, or anger feeling in you.

Frustration is actually a state of mind in which we are in psychological pain because we are unable to do what we want, it is a form of energy that gets transferred to anger and depression .

Are situations or people reasons for our frustration ?

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So we have understood what is frustration and now we have to ask, is the reason for our frustration really outside or it is something else?

You know that two different people react differently in the same situation, so a situation is something that is beyond our control only thing we can control is our reaction to it.

And if we try to change every person or situation which we think may be the possible reason for our frustration then it’s a never-ending battle we die frustrated.

But if you say maybe let’s work on our reaction to it then it’s positive feedback and there is a ray of hope.

Practical solutions to deal with frustration.

In this section which I call the king section, we will learn about the methods to apply against frustration.

Step 1 ) Method to Channel Frustration Into Unbelievable Results

I know you are thinking that how frustration can be used to produce results.

You need to remember that our brain only finds a solution when it is in pain or frustration all the discoveries ever done is due to the frustration they have with the problem .

Frustration and anger are energy that you can channel to find a problem’s solution.

How this will help me?

Rather than lashing out and getting angry, you will try to find solutions with the energy & pain of frustration for the problems rather than playing a blame game.

Step 2 ) Rather than running from the pain or frustration , Using this to find solutions to the problem

In my college life, I was frustrated with the education system and used alcohol and other things to remove this pain but it keeps coming back when I am sober. I was lost.

So I start working on finding a permanent solution to my pain by gaining financial independence. learning and applying things that were already available around me like the internet, social media, etc.

How this will help me?

Getting angry at everyone, frustrated with work, family & friends, or a better human with compassion and love in heart. You can decide what you want to be.

Fate is created by action and decisions, there is no fate without action. 

Step 3 ) Removing temporary escapes so we can find actual solutions

Temporary Escaping In form of Porn , Sex , and Drugs Seems Quite Intriguing But Not Helpful In the long run.

What solution do you want if you have a choice, one that is temporary and that occurs repeatedly and also harms your body and mind or a permanent solution that enhances your whole being?

How this will help me?

When you do not dwell in temporary escapes then you will have the time and energy to actually find the solution you seek.

Step 4 ) Bonus tips

In addition to working on solving your problem, you need a healthy mind and body that is so strong that beat any problem with one punch.

For that you need to exercise 1 hr daily with whatever exercise you want , I like cycling and kushti (wrestling ) exercises … it not only makes your body strong but improves your mental mood and thinking capacity that helps in solving your problem.

And the king which is meditation – not repeating a mantra or picture concentration that makes the mind dull.

You just sit and observe your mind -thoughts and emotions for 2 -3 min in starting and without judgment just like clouds passing by.

It will be difficult to face your mind in beginning but be patient it is normal.

How this will help me?

Healthy mind lives in healthy body


Understand each text carefully as written above and apply it in your life, be patient and take the frustration as your friend to find a solution.

Motivation and wise advice does not work because they will fade but your frustration will be there until you solve it permanently.