Fear is your no 1 enemy & friend

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Fear is only in our head, we are more feared from the fear not from the situations “

- Unknown

I remember learning to ride a bike for the first time a few months back.

Yes, I started learning to drive at 25 years of age due to some financial conditions

and a lack of rich friends but that’s not the topic of today.

The first thing I have to face is fear and not just words the feeling of that,

Increased heartbeat and fear of not breaking myself or killing somebody.

And how do I push beyond that fear and what insight do I get from this experience?

How do I push beyond my fear

The first thing I do is to acknowledge it is there.

Then I take a deep breath and focus my mind on the present.

I let observation of the fear take place and let fear tells me what it wants to say.

The first thing i notice is that you can not do a thing about fear it is there right on the face telling you to stop.

Fear is just in our minds that’s why the same things have different effects on people, if it is real then it would have same effect on everyone.

Fear is helpful to keep us alert in dangerous situations and help us to prevent doing silly mistakes but

if you let fear run without control then it will stop you from doing anything in life for example – learning new things, opening a new business, joining a gym etc.

So the next thing I do is to understand fear, it wants to protect you .

Then I slowly take action and let my mind know I am being cautious so don’t create problems for me.

And never be feared to take some damage, your body is excellent in healing itself.

That’s the whole game of fear, don’t fight it understand and acknowledge it, and take action one at a time, no problem.

And every time you take action, your fear becomes less and less and less. So you will observe that fear is not a  real thing but a construct of our mind.

And we are stronger.