Failures are the inspiration to improvement

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Secrets of being happy

 “ Changing perspective to failure can change the whole game and give the inspiration to improve”

- Unknown

As an introvert, I had a very difficult time facing problems,

Parents in India exaggerate too much and beat kids for every mistake they do.

Beating is mostly in form of abuse and criticism, which causes children to have anxiety and fear of failure.

Well, parents are not also in full fault cause they were raised like this also and they think it is how parenting is.

So I spend my 22 years in fear of fear itself, didn’t know how to ride a bike or how to talk with people without feeling anxious or nervous.

I avoid every new opportunity in fear but one day I decided to change my life.

That decision changes the whole course of my life, 

Yes, many failures have come and come on daily bases but I always keep one thing in mind.

“Failure is just a result that I don’t desire and there is always time to fix it and improve “

When you are breathing there is always a possibility.

So this society made dead people who are afraid to do something new and work for their dreams.

We die when we stop changing and improving because a living person commits mistakes and corrects it that’s how it should be.

It does not mean you should deliberately do stupid things, it just means to not let fear win over you.

One thing I found about fear is that it does not exist in reality, it is in our heads only.

Fear is our friend that keeps us alert and focused but it has no logic that’s why we need to tell it what’s real danger and what’s not.

Jumping in front of a truck is a real danger but fear of starting something new – a relationship, new business, learning to drive or swimming, 

in fear of something going wrong and never starting is the conditioning of our society and education system.

But we are more than our fear and can always push beyond.

“Everybody has fear, but its how you manage your fear that is the real deal “

“And it’s okay to loose but not okay to loose to your fear”