Ending of conflict in your psyche – non duality

– sachin rana


 “The thought to control thought is also a thought”. 

- Unknown

We have daily conflicts in us, inside our skin which is psychology

and outside as wars and fights.

The inner conflicts extend to the external and created havoc in the world.

So external is just an outcome of our psychological conditions which is not sane if you don’t mind me pointing it out.

I have gone through this phase and understood there is no training of our mind that’s why all the world is in misery.

Even though we have advanced in terms of technology, we are still at the same place in psychology as we were a few 100 years back.

Same fights, conflicts on religions and races, hate, jealousy, etc, we remain the same throughout life running from one pleasure to another.

Although we are much capable of emotions like love and compassion when there is fear and comparison it can not be there.

Game of conflict in our psychology

anger sensations explained

“Through understanding comes solution”

Multiple battles keep running in our heads 24*7.

One thought says you should do it others say you will look stupid.

One thought is thinking sexual things and others say don’t.

If you observe carefully you will notice that our mind is not in the right condition.

We just have the ability to control our actions and mad people don’t that’s why we are free.

Just imagine if there will be a device that can project thoughts to pictures, most people would be in an asylum.

So there are three things happening in conflict with our psyche.

2 Things That Are Involved In conflict with our psyche

1 ) Opposing thoughts 

For any conflict, the only ingredient required is two or more opposing thoughts,

If you see fights between people there also are two or more than two people with their thoughts trying to prove their thought is right and the other’s is wrong.

Why they did it , isn’t it because they identify themselves as thought and think this is my thought or more like I am thought?

2) The observation of thought 

There is an observation quality of our mind, we are conscious of the conflicting thoughts in our mind.

Whether we are aware or not it is happening, let’s sink into who is an observer in us actually without it there will always be a conflict 

between the observer and the conflicting thoughts.

Who is the observer that we call “me” or “i”

The perception of thoughts emotions and sensations give rise to a observer

Because we have concept of subject and object , we take the same thing to our psychology,

that there must be some observer observing the experience or judging it should be it should not be.

But the reality is there is no observer apart from the experience except memory and thoughts.

For example when we get angry , at that time there is no separate identity from anger sensations .

But after the incident we memorise and say i got angry but the truth is you become anger at that moment and now you are different as state of your mind.

” So there is no observer and hence only observation of the thing and hence end of conflict”.

How can this conflict of good and bad in our psyche can end without effort 

anger sensations explained

Conflicts come when there is a decider and chooser in the psyche.

There is a person who says this is good, this is not good and the actual thing.

So conflicts end when we understand the actuality of false concept which is subject and object,

But in psychology, there is only the thing and the observation but no observer.

And effort can not make this happen because the entity that makes effort in achieving something is the outcome of the same game.


1) When you are angry, let the anger fill you fully with the sensation.

Just let the passive observation takes place you will find the wave that emerges will go away as it came.

Only if you keep patience not react to that sensations.

There is nothing you can do about the sensations it is there, and you are not different from that state of anger.

Then you will find there is peace and that anger will become your part of yourself.

2) There are fights of different opinions and thoughts going on endlessly in our minds.

Just let the passive observation takes place then there is no choice, your intelligence knows what’s the most appropriate action.

When there is love there is intelligence, and only when there is the observation of complete fear this quality is.


Some personal advice-

@ Condemning is the sure way to get your mind stuck on it 

@ Technique i am teaching is not about neither condemning nor accepting, its about passive observation of the thing

@ Patience is tolerance is required to understand the reality of observation and object

@Dont condemn or hate anything that is the sure way to be controlled by it learn to let the passive observation takes place,

hence its end of the conflict.

Sigmund Freud invented psychoanalysis but he could not solve the conflicting nature of the mind Shri Krishna demonstrated how it can be done.

and the method is detachment by understanding the suffering of attachment we can get to detachment.

Thank You for Reading