Dance is not just a physical activity

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Dance is freedom of expression and energy “

- Unknown

I was an extremely shy and self-conscious person so obviously, I couldn’t dance at all.

Because I was strangled by what others think of me and couldn’t connect to the present moment.

But I can feel music beats in me and i let the body move on its own,

I guess it’s how dance was invented, you just let the dance flow through you .

And believe me, I didn’t know dance is such an ecstatic activity.

Then i started studying why dance has so much importance in spirituality and psychological healing.

You know dance has been taught to drug addicts to induce natural dopamine receptors that were damaged by drug overuse.

And in spirituality, it has a special place when you let dance flow through you, then you become the dance not you are dancing.

There is immense freedom in that and the easiest way to get in touch with the universal flow.

Learn a few moves that you like and then let the beats move you don’t think and stress about doing stupid moves or doing them perfectly.

Just let it flow and feel the healing of dance.

Dancing keeps your mind in the body and in the present because you are constantly moving with the beats.

And dance is legal activity so you can do it anywhere and anytime .

“Dance and the whole world dance with you”