Consciousness psychology simple meaning and significance

– sachin rana

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” Awareness is like a glowing ball of light that ignites everything where it falls.”

- Dandapani

The human body is a very complex mechanism in itself. It consists of both physical and nonphysical properties.

Scientists have now come to realize about the second dimension of human beings, which is not physically manifested but is present in our experiences.

There is a certain living quality that let us experience every feeling, thought, pain and sorrow.

We all are aware of the activities at the bodily level, due to our advancements in the field of medical science.

So let’s try to find out about the living quality that resides within us.

What is Consciousness?

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Consciousness is derived from the word conscious . It literally means awareness of own existence.

In consciousness, there is a center from which you experience, see, and listen. Which we call as “me”.

Consciousness is a subset of awareness. We will learn about awareness in the next section in detail.

In awareness, there is no center from which you experience, feel or listen. It’s just the observation is going on without the center which we know as me.

The only difference between consciousness and awareness is that of the observer or center that says I don’t like this, I like that, etc.

What is Awareness actually ?

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Awareness is the most difficult thing to convey to others because it’s like describing what is white color to a blind man.

So for simplicity Awareness is the knowing quality that lets us see, experience , and feel.

Physical eyes can not see for themselves for example if hypothetically one eye is removed, you can no longer see from it.

It means there is some knowing quality that helps the observation through that physical eyes.

And in awareness there is no observer who is listening or watching, there is only a sense of observation.

Nobody can point out where is the source of awareness, but it is ever-present. Without it, a human being would be just a machine.

It is also not a physical manifestation but it can be experienced or more like through awareness observation occurs.

What is the importance of consciousness?

AI robots are getting more advanced each day, they are doing advanced moves that they can not do before. So what is the fundamental difference between a human and an Ai robot?

Even if robots can be trained to show certain facial expressions in a particular situation but they can not feel a thing.

That is it is not self-aware. Just following a set of codes and loops can not be made them human.

Consciousness is the living quality that made them separate from robotic actions.

Even though our brain works in repetition there is something which is a living part in humans that can be called consciousness.


Awareness is that light by which everything around us shines without it we can not experience a thing.

And when I say “we” can observe it is just for the sake of grammar. We need to be aware that actually there is not a person who is observing but observation is going on.

Consciousness is a subset of awareness in which there is someone being aware of his own thoughts and feelings.