Confidence is a game of mindset

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Confidence has very little to do with actuality and skills “

- Unknown

We encounter many people in our life whose confidence beats even the most technical person in the room.

And people who are competent with skills are usually less confident.

Yes, I am not talking about exceptions here but the majority.

So it shows great insight into how this confidence factor work.

“It is quite clear that confidence has very less to do with actual skills”

And how I know this because I too suffered from low self-esteem even though I have quite good technical skills.

So I can say after experimenting with myself that confidence is a game of mindset.

Also, your upbringing and your environment play an important role in deciding your confidence level.

i.e If you are raised by super controlling and demolarizing parents such as me then it is no mystery of low confidence.

Not saying parents are our enemies or something, they love us but they do it without being aware.

Because that’s how they were raised by their parents so they think it is the best way to raise their children.

So what’s the verdict here?

Are we doomed forever?

The answer is it is possible to enhance confidence and that it by feeding good & factual thoughts to the mind,

Can be easily done by observing your criticism objectively, most of the time criticism is based on something you can’t control.

So you need to focus on constructive criticism and improve yourself for example – technical skills , communications skills etc.

rather than getting demoralized by non-constructive criticism for example your height , weight , colour.