Bringing out the child in you and live freely

– sachin rana

 “Only children can enter into the heaven of god ”. 
- Unknown

We all were once an innocent children carefree and the happiest being on earth.

But as we grow up, we get hurt and then conditioned by stupid adults who think they know,

but they dont know shit about living and life more than a child.

An adult can make philosophy and write novels about what is life but a child lives life without even knowing.

As bible has stated – “unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven

This is so true psychologically.

How bible statement is correct psychologically

anger sensations explained

1st reason – Childrens have no self-centered motive 

I remember giving a 100 rs note to my 8-year-old cousin and he made a plane out of it.

And believe me, he was happier than any adult would be after purchasing something from it.

His happiness was not based on temporary external objects that’s why it is eternal.

The source of happiness is within us not outside that’s why different people have different reactions to the same object of amusement.

Children do it for the fun of it but after my cousin learns about the use of that paper money,

he gets trapped in the circle of pain and pleasure.

Not saying money is a bad thing, it is a wonderful resource

but if you make money or an external object your source of happiness then you will be controlled by that.

2nd reason – Children have no biasing mechanism

The reason for the unlimited energy of children is that they don’t spend their energy in biasing or judging people.

They got this disease of biasing and judging of I am Hindu &  he is Islamic and all from the adults.

That’s why they are so light and energetic.

They are the source of happiness themselves that’s why they don’t know cheap tricks or hurt others to make them feel good.

3rd reason – Children are open , really honest and expressive until they are taught not to 

Children are carefree and very expressive. They express everything without thinking about the consequences.

They are the most honest of all people in the age group.

Adults on the other hand are manipulative and dishonest at the core, they do one thing and say another.

They only care about their need their sex and all only.

(again not judging adults just stating it since i am adult myself lol and disregarded all the conditioning that is imposed on me by my society)

4th reason – Children have no self-image that’s why they don’t register psychological hurts too deeply

The most important quality of children is that they don’t register psychological hurt for a longer time.

Meanwhile, an adult keeps it inside him and lets the fires of revenge burn him on a daily basis.

So psychologically children are much more open and stronger in terms of handling hurt and discomfort.

Where an adult person closes himself to any future relationship if one relationship goes wrong and that is so stupid,

because the fact is we don’t know anything about the future at all we may think and guess about it but the universe is much more stronger than our thinking.

How to enter into the kingdom of heaven without leaving your professional and social life

karm and karmfal
One problem with children is that although they are a source of happiness and energy, they are not wise.

So they do mischief that sometimes causes other people problems.

So in that way, a wise mind of an adult is required to channel that energy into something constructive.

So we need a balance of a child’s innocence with the wise mind of an adult, not a conditioned mind but a wise mind that can see reality as it is.

1 ) Breaking False Conditioning And Using Own Intelligence

I don’t know if You are aware or not but if you see the world outside and also inside us there is a lot of heavy conditioning.

That conditioning may be due to dogmas or some political or commercial propaganda but it is there.

The religions are also conditioning that separates us people, but in our comfort of religion, we never question and try to find reality.

Because religions gives us the security that’s why it becomes difficult to think beyond that.

Many people have been killed in name of religion, so I question is the life of a person has no value over religion.

So you have to walk alone and use your conscience in inquiring whether the conditioning is true or not .

And you have to be aware of not only eternal conditioning but also your own.

Since our conditioning is developed by our point of view which may or may not be correct completely.

And breaking the pattern of conditioning is not difficult once you understand the conditioning is mere propaganda and not true that the end of it.

It’s like a magic trick once you understand the trick you will no more be fooled.

2 ) Discarding What Is False Completely 

In this journey, you need to question every belief that may be of someone else or yourself, especially yourself.

Since it is much more difficult to question our own beliefs than others.

We need to enquire about every pre-made belief system with logic and sanity

and discard everything that is false.

It includes all kinds of stupid idiosyncrasies or ideas imposed by others because they have agendas of their own.

And by discarding false truth comes, not by following truth because then truth is based on our belief, not the actual one.

3 ) Being Completely Honest

You have to be completely honest with others and also with yourself.

Being honest and acknowledging takes courage, it is not for weak people.

Being honest does not mean being rude but expressing truth in a way that does minimum hurt, by that you are helping others and also yourself too.

For example – When you don’t want to be in a relationship and see someone else,

before doing that it is much better to talk with your partner and express your feelings with politeness and intelligence.

By doing that there is a chance of person being hurt but it is much better than your partner knowing about your cheating from someone else.

So you are doing a favor to him/her and also to yourself because relationships is a two-way process.

But as we become adults we learn to lie and cheat on others and also ourselves.

Little do we know that the subconscious mind is registering all that mischief and reducing your happiness and peace.

Because your conscience knows you are a liar if you lie.

4 ) Love and compassion

These two words are heavily contaminated.

We made love into sexual pleasure and compassion into something to be used.

So we need to re-evaluate these two words.

What is love 

Let’s start with understanding what is not love then only we can reach to what is love.

Because let’s be honest we don’t know what is love unless we watch it in movies or read about it or learn from people right?

So is jealousy love?

is attachment love?

is fear love?

is sex love?

Obviously not then what is love?

Love is only when there is no fear, no pre-belief of a person, no competition, and no disrespect.

And we can not pursue this quality because pursuing means it is not there.

But the quality is always present inside us when we were children but it gets covered by jealousy, fear, greed, etc.

So by discarding of the false – quality of love is.

(not saying sex, jealousy, or greed is bad or something like religious people does because that’s stupid.

I have been through all that and find that is not an intelligent way to live and there is another way which is love ).


I see people on the internet and in schools teaching how to be compassionate.

That’s exactly like teaching people how to breathe, so silly and stupid.

Can you practice compassion? and why are you practicing it ?

The reason for practice is you want to get something out of it or teachers said it will improve your life so practice compassion.

And if you practice compassion that is not compassion anymore.

So what is compassion now ?

Compassion means you have an immense understanding of the truth that you are part of people and people are part of you.

People and you are not separate but knowledge of that does not help you need to actually observe and inquire into truth.

Did you understand the seriousness of this truth ?

It means no seperateness , no more hatred , no more i , me & myself.

Then everything you do is for the sake of others (does not mean putting yourself and your family in poverty but helping as much as you can without sacrificing you own hapiness and without the demand to get something back )

That is true compassion not practicing compassion with some methods.

You do it out of love not from the sense of getting something out of it. Then it is business not compassion

What is freedom?

There is a sense of the immense need for freedom in us but what freedom is actually?

Is going astray doing whatever we want damaging the earth and its resources freedom?

Is doing every high dopamine illegal thing freedom?

Is exploiting our power over weak and domestic violence our freedom?

A logical mind that has a sense of sanity would say this is madness.

So What is true freedom

Being absolutely free from turmoils of mind and idiotic mechanisms of desire is true freedom.

Our mind runs like a wild horse the whole day never a moment it is silent, and we are forced by desires to do something without even being aware.

Running from one pleasure to another either sexual or in form of drugs we are running.

If that is not slavery then what is?

Freedom comes by an understanding of our mind and its activities throughout the day.

By being an observer of our thoughts and emotions we understand and rise above it, then only there is the possibility of breaking the slavery of our own mind.

And it is not so difficult because it’s not a real solid thing, just be a passive observer to own reactions and thoughts the whole day.

And then comes true freedom where you are the poem and the poet.

There is nothing to be done but you do it for the people out of love.

And that is the healthiest mental state to live in not where the current world is going to right now.


Some personal advice-

@Unless you reset your conditioned mind there is no chance in the whole world to be at peace with yourself.

@ don’t join any groups , don’t make someone your leader use your mind and apply logic and intelligence

@ Love is the state of mind that knows no boundary and division so be in it, it is not so difficult.

Thank You for Reading