Awareness is the key to being happy here and now

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Secrets of being happy

 Awareness is like a flashlight that illuminates everything which it falls on”

- Unknown

We long and run throughout our life ultimately for happiness.

Whether we purchase something or get into a relationship with someone, the reason is the same which is the pursuit of happiness.

Jumping from one drug to another, from one relationship to another, and from one house to another,

it comes for a moment but it goes again until the next thing is achieved or bought.

We never take a pause and understand what we want actually, and how we want our life to be?

Just like a marriage, we keep following it but it is always far in front of us.

Not saying achieving great things is bad or something but it must be done, the greatest crime is to be poor and not taking action to change it.

But I am talking about something different which is our pursuit and being empty from the inside at the end of the day and trying to fill it with entertainment.

Running from that does not help, closing your eyes does not mean the lion is not there.

Understanding the game of pursuit and mechanism of desire –

First, we need to understand the psychological cause of unhappiness

and understand the mechanism of desire.

When there is a desire sensation builds up inside us which is normal

we start longing for that desired object and if it is obtained then there is the absence of desire for some time until the next desire.

Or if the desire remains unfulfilled then it gives birth to anger and frustration, again not condemning desire but explaining the process.

Get to the moment when desire is fulfilled for example you had longed for your dream car and you bought it or some watch.

At that moment the reason for happiness is not actually that watch or car its actually the absence of desire bring you to that state of happiness which is always there with us

the glands and hormones are within our body that produce happiness, not that external object .

And the pursuit or burning desire is the cause of our happiness.

Not that running for desire is bad but understanding the whole game is our motive.

Then our happiness is independent of the external object because hormones and glands are inside us .

What is Awareness –

Awareness is no hocus pocus, it simply means just to know, feel, and sense as it is without any disturbances of past belief, experience, and memory.

It is like a flashlight, it illuminates the part where it falls.

For example – Close your eyes and remember any recent wedding can you see it? observe the sensation in the body and faces of people and surroundings,

then slowly move to your surrounding, listen to the sound, and experience the air if any or sensations in your body.

It is all awareness and you are it not body, mind or name, or your past memories.

Being present with the senses is the quality of human beings that is taken up by thinking of the past and future because we are not taught how to use our minds.

And only in present we get to know who we are actually.

Taking Awareness from thought to senses –

The easiest method of being present is being with the senses and breathing.

There are two systems of our brain – one is automatic which is turned on 95% of the time if we are not aware and 5% time when are learning we are aware.

We are mostly in an automatic state, only when there is an emergency do we get to our senses but that is forced and sometimes it caused shock .

But being present with senses of every thought, every small sensation is living.

Living is actually experiencing and not thinking while we experience the moments or change the moments.

Example – we never a  moment is with the activities we are doing , we eat while we talk , we talk with our spouse or partner while constantly checking our mobile phone

and we think it is normal, it is nothing but a representation of our untrained mind refusing the joy of being ourself and always running toward something in future or stuck in past but never here.

Only by practicing awareness on daily small tasks like eating, or talking with full awareness

and detachment by understanding the game of desire, we can master our mind, and only then there is true happiness which is not craving.

The demand to get some pleasure is the reason for emptiness in our hearts –

The sensations of desire is the demand that stops us from being happy here and now.

Nature does not made us to suffer,

We all have a capacity of love, compassion, and being happy here and now. It is our true nature.

But just as dust covers the mirror, our own pursuits and demands stop us from seeing the reality of ourself  

Being present means using the past as learning and not repeating it, using our imagination for building something good and our present to do actions.

We can use our minds to create blessings for us by learning how it works not theoretically but by observing ourselves like scientists.

And that emptiness is not something separate from you it arises from the fact of yourself.

Just observe the emptiness and let the emptiness fill you completely with no moment or try to run away from it .

Then you will see what emptiness is actually and how it gets dissipated just by observation.

It will always be there until you understand there is nothing you can do about emptiness, it is just a sensation and yourself.

Then only there is complete freedom.

“Without understanding who you are actually by observing, yourself and understanding the barrier of language there is no true happiness and emptiness keeps following us wherever we go”.