A new thought can expand your mind

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Daily Thoughts

 “ Powerful thoughts are like seeds which shape your life into a fruit-giving tree”

- Unknown

Storytime –

Let me take you to my college time.

I am starting to get ready for the presentation with negative thoughts of

I am not ready, I can’t do it, what if I fail?

These thoughts running through my head unconsciously, my mood is off, and my head is paining but still, I have to go.

Once I start giving the presentation and finished it everyone is standing and clapping for me.

No that’s not what happened actually I just wanted to see your reaction.

Actually, I fumble most of the time and just complete it for the sake of completion although I have technical knowledge but I was not prepared to face the audience.

So I go home, get straight to bed after eating, and woke up after 3 hrs.

Then I start searching for the answer to my lack of confidence.

And I found not only that but also the fact that everyone has faced the same problem once in their life, stage fear is very common.

And yet no teaching of personality development in schools and college.

There are many reasons for the lack of confidence

The Reason –

The root cause is self-doubt and self-sabotaging.

And the reason for self-doubt is negative thoughts that built up from the environment

and expand as weeds in our minds, no matter how intelligent we are it’s never enough.

It is the path of self-loathing and deception which I was struck in.

Going through chaos comes peace –

You just need to be aware of your thoughts throughout the day and night.

Just observation of thoughts like clouds is necessary.

If you observe thoughts carefully you will notice that thoughts have no strength.

They just come and go but you give power to them by indulging in thoughts unconsciously.

And you need to see thoughts as something external, it does not have to do something with yourself.

If you try to fight your thoughts, you will end up in a mental asylum because thoughts are just thoughts, it’s not a real thing.

But if you just be aware without any judgment or discrimination and let it pass just as you are watching a river flowing,

then you will be free from the entanglement of thoughts, and then only you can know true peace.

Inserting seeds of power thoughts –

Just reading the power thoughts of great people does not help, I have done that.

Only when these thoughts become part of you and when you start applying them in your life then only it can benefit you.

For example – there is one favorite thought of mine, the author is Mahatma Gandhi.

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

Just reading and memorizing this quote does not benefit us.

We need to understand the whole significance of that quote and apply it our life.

Only then it can become part of us.

This quote signifies that – change should begin with ourselves.

What does it mean? , it means no more blaming others, no more backbitching , no more tolerance of injustice, and walking alone if you have to.

And apply actually in your life then only you can see the benefits of powerful thoughts.

One amazing thing is once a great thought becomes part of you then it sprouts other amazing thoughts.

And by that thoughts you take action and it changes your whole life.

“Without going through the chaos in ourselves there is no true clarity , and only through clarity comes peace”.