4 psychological ways to avoid procrastination

– sachin rana


 “Understand relationship of motivation and action and you can defeat procrastination “. 

- Unknown

I had been a victim of procrastination for a very long time,

Just before I started writing blogs I was fooled by my mind, whenever I wanted to start writing

I somehow end up watching cat videos and doing exercises in place of doing the necessary thing.

Have you done that too?

When I saw on the internet and read stories of entrepreneurs I knew I was not the only one with this problem.

So I started exploring and finding out solutions to this problem and this blog is proof that i have managed to beat it.

Which i am going to share but you need to read stepwise to totally remove this thing.

“Understanding is the ending of a problem not the solutions “

What The Hell Is Procrastination Actually

anger sensations explained

“Procrastination is basically coping mechanism of our mind to deal with stress”

Our mind is very smart and cunning, it finds every method to keep itself in its comfort zone.

Until it is pushed by fear it does not start working again.

When in fear our mind says alert! alert !

our body releases stress hormones like cortisol that pushed us to work.

Although it is a good thing to complete that assignment in one night when we get stuck on something important and didn’t have time to complete it

but the quality of work is way on a different scale if you would have done it with motivation and love, not fear.

Relationship Between Action And Motivation

What Is Action And Motivation

Action – Action is doing part that you have planned or movement.

Motivation – The feeling part between planning and execution.

Q – Does Motivation Comes first or action?

Our common conception is that we should have the motivation to take action, but is it actually true?

I also lived with this concept and spent my time watching cat videos on Instagram rather than working because I don’t feel to do it .

action and motivation

I have studied many successful people and found that it was the wrong approach altogether.

If we wait for motivation to come from external sources then it is not going to stay for a very long time 

and our productive time will be spent on distractions and we can not achieve what we actually want.

Its The Other Way Around…

The way motivation works is actually different that our common approach.

It’s the other way around….

I found that it’s not that motivation leads to action but our small actions lead to motivation and hence more actions.

 Our minds get overwhelmed with goals that much that we could not even move. 

For example, if we give our mind work like becoming the best blogger, we will get overwhelmed after a few tries because there are micro steps between the goal.

After creating a big goal our focus should be on what are the micro steps we can take today to move closer toward the goal.

Let’s dive into methods 

anger sensations explained

( please read out full concepts of blog otherwise methods will be difficult to apply)

1) Removing focus from goals to micro steps –

Scenario 1

Goal – To lose 10 pounds

Plan of execution – Cutting junk food, calorie deficit &exercise

If your focus would be only on losing 10 pounds and not on the micro steps you will always be frustrated and unsatisfaction until you see 10 pounds.

But if your focus is on how much you can complete the micro steps daily and enjoy the process, you will be losing 20 pounds with no effort.

2) Make your action easy to start and get in momentum

When you don’t feel like doing anything and your goal is to exercise today here is what you can do.

Dont think about exercising at all right now just think about getting ready which is a micro step and easy to do.

Once you get dressed you will automatically go to the gym or park without even thinking.

Our problem is we make tasks difficult to start but if we make tasks easy to start motivation will follow.

3) Appreciate yourself for how far you have come not frustrate yourself by thinking how far you have to go

The truth is that destination or goal we make is not more than imagination in our head.

Our only control is over the actions we perform to reach that goal, we feel powerless when we try to control or manage uncontrollable.

But we feel inspired and motivated when we know it is easy to do and fall in love with the process then goals come to us from nowhere.

It’s not like we run to reach a goal but its like making a home through your hard work so that success can come and stay with you.

4) After making a goal put that aside and make another sheet of micro steps and make that your daily goals

We are taught to make a goal and execute the action after getting motivated by the results.

 That works for only small goals,

But if the goal is much bigger and we face failures in between the micro steps our motivation die 

and we either leave the work or wait for motivation to continue.

We need to upgrade that process, after you create any big goal keep that aside,

make a different sheet of micro steps you need to do today, and make that your goal.

Example – I want to be the 1 mind fit coach blogger, but that is a very big goal and there are countless steps in between,

so if I focus too much on the goal I can not put my mind to writing blogs and eventually give up if didn’t see results soon.

But if I get in love with the process then i will care only about the progress not about the results. 

It will eventually come..


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