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Hello readers welcome, I really love your passion for learning and changing life.

My vision of writing these blogs is to bring a positive change in people’s lives, not just by giving passive advices  but through actual experiences that I have applied and concurred my blockers in life.

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Who is this person ?

To know oneself is a journey of life but this person is Sachin Rana website designer , artist and now starting a blog by having just one goal in mind that I should have a positive impact on lives of people around the globe.

But I was not always enthusiastic and carefree throughout my life until I started taking charge of my mind.

There was a time when I sleep in the bathroom to avoid people at family functions and couldn’t talk to the bus driver to stop at my bus stand.

Yes, I always get down one or two stand next to where I want to reach, that’s very funny when I think of it now.

So if a person like me can do what he dreams then anybody in the world can do it with some guidance and love.

In my journey, I realize there are peoples like me who might get inspired by my words , maybe that will be the purpose of my life.

Sachin Rana

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